Want to power up your art inspiration for Inktober this weekend?

Artemis Art in Publika is hosting “Expressions”, an exhibition of recent works by three young Malaysian visual artists, Izzat Aziz, Keat Leong, and Nazmi Ismail.

Izzat Aziz - Pura-Pura II - 61 x 50 cm - Acrylic on canvas - 2015
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Izzat Aziz – Pura-Pura II – 61 x 50 cm – Acrylic on canvas – 2015

Izzat, who was the grand prize winner in Nando’s Malaysia’s “PERI-fy Your Art” competition in 2013, has produced pieces featuring the mystical elements of Malay culture, especially the ones long forgotten by today’s society.

In his works, the 27-year-old aims to showcase a more colorful and interesting perspective of the Malay culture, than what is generally known to most.

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Keat Leong – The Beauty Of Balance – Acrylic, spray paint and print on canvas – 92 x 92 cm (36 x 36 in) – 2016

Keat Leong, 28, attempts to depict nostalgia and inner piece in two separate series of works that will be featured in the exhibition.

Meanwhile, Nazmi, 29, no stranger to the local art scene, delves into religion and spirituality in his newer works. The message in his works offer a critique on the practice of faith in modern times, being used as a divisive tool instead of uniting under the common values of love and mutual understanding.

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Nazmi Ismail – The Lost Portraits – Early Idea #1 – Mixed Media on Canvas – 51 x 71 cm (20 x 28 in) – 2016

The finalist in the Malaysian Emerging Artist 2013 Awards is known to focus on current events and famous personalities, including political figures, as a theme for his works.

There will be 20 works altogether, on display from  Saturday, 15 October 2016 until 2 November 2016.

The first day of the exhibition will begin at 3pm with a casual opening reception. “Expressions” is a continuation of a recent exhibition “And On We Go”, staged by Gehrig Art Gallery in George Town, Penang.

Find out more about the exhibition from the Artemis Art Gallery  website and Facebook page. Are you a host looking to publicise art shows and exhibitions? Drop us a line at editors@eksentrika.com