All artworks are by Anntidote

Searching for an antidote to your daily frustrations or sorrows? Let Anntidote lift up your downtrodden spirits with an aesthetically pleasing flow of encouraging vibes!

Anntidote is a locally-based art label run by artist and writer, Ann Tan. Ann started creating art and writing poetry as hobbies, which grew into a habit and eventually flourished into Anntidote.

Currently in the final year of her English and Creative Writing degree, Ann assiduously continues to create meaningful art and poetry despite having to manage assignment deadlines, exams and other commitments.

Her initial experience in art was through fashion design – she has previously worked as a fashion writer and a fashion buyer – before taking a detour into painting and poetry.

Ann started pursuing art and poetry as a way of coping with life. “I began writing poetry to release the tangled tensions within me and this helped to ease the pangs that plague me daily,” she shares through email correspondence.

She is also moved by how her growing number of followers on Anntidote’s social media platforms feels connected to her work, which motivates her to continue creating art. “My narratives begin to evolve beyond my own soul’s wanderings. Now, I seek to explore the many voices of humanity – to highlight the raw essence of one’s soul.”
For her, inspiration is not sought deliberately. She believes that “there is no lack of inspiration in the world”, rather, “there’s an overabundance of it when you go out and live life”. Inspiring insight indeed!

Often, Ann spends some time reflecting on her daily experiences. From there, she would contemplate encounters that stirred her emotions and base her art or poetry upon them. “I write and paint to illustrate the everyday joys and struggles life offers in its wide spectrum of experiences,” she muses.

Here’s an instance of how she generates ideas from seemingly mundane moments: “I was listening to the radio and an advertisement for skincare begins to play. It states ‘all women hate spots and freckles’. Now, having freckles myself I was riled up by this and so I penned a poem titled ‘Ephelides Expose’ in response to this ad.”

Besides painting on canvas, her artworks are also painted on a variety of materials, such as bookmarks and cards. Her paintings are suffused with striking, exuberant colours and an aura of mystique and grace.

On the other hand, her poetry is equally captivating as her art and emanates a fusion of soul-searching honesty and confident tenacity. She also produces art and poetry zines – booklets of art and poetry collections for dedicated supporters of her art and poetry.

Ann aspires to focus wholeheartedly on developing the Anntidote label, hence she considers becoming a full-time artist and author after completing her studies. Furthermore, she reveals that she is working on releasing an art and poetry book by the end of 2017 – do keep a lookout for it!

Check out Anntidote on her website, Instagram and Facebook for more of Ann’s brilliant paintings and poetry! Have a similar talent? Email us at to get featured!