Artwork by Ee Xuen Chong

We’re done with Season 13 of Malaysian politics and by god, the finale episode on May 9 was… woahhh!!

“We wanted our country to be better so we acted togethee and actually made change happen! What a time to be alive!” Masta & Brat says.

Malaysia’s hotly contested 14th General Elections went down in history for Malaysians who replaced Barisan Nasional, the former ruling coalition for the first time ever in the nation’s 61 years of independence!

Malaysians of all shapes, sizes and colour began queuing up before the sun could even rise to end a six decade long rule of Barisan Nasional. The date marked the start of a new chapter under Pakatan Harapan led by a 93-year-old former prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad. Mahathir had quit politics in 2003 but decided to make a return.

“Today’s a very important day for my country. Today is a day of much hope for change, a change for a better future.” Deborah Christie Tan post reads on May 9.

The coalition, consisting of Anwar Ibrahim’s PKR, Mahathir’s PPBM, DAP and Warisan was formed a year in advance to boot out Najib Razak who has been heavily linked with alleged scandals, gruesome murders, disappearance of a commercial flight, oppressive policies, and the stifling of freedom of expression.

Bangun pagi, pergi undi. Artwork by Vinz Tan.

Malaysians rose to the occasion to send a resounding message; that they’re capable of replacing a complacent government. The momentous occasion which many Malaysians have now dubbed, “Malaysia’s second independence day” comes after five Bersih protests over the years since 2007 to have free and fair elections in the country.




Now Malaysians await with bated breath to view their cabinet. Artwork by Nicholas Quah.

Despite being under-aged. Happy Boy voted. Wait, what?? Mana EC??!

Arif Rafhan Othman reminded Malaysians to bring their IC along to vote because this.

“A hint of light has just shine upon the darkness that we’ve been facing for years and I’m proud to say that unity has brought our country its long deserved justice. Great job, Malaysians.” says Qyarae T.

Some flew, some drove, some cycled and some walked to vote. By the Book of Lai.

”The New Malaysia” by Wy Vinz 歪兔.

For many Malaysians, the election results was a positive sign in upholding democracy. Artwork by Nel’s Creations.

Suraya Hazim‘s GE14 info-graphic.

“Shri Malaysia Vijayamandalam – O Malaysia, Prosperous Times Have Begun …” Shri Parwandram predicts through his mandala.

Stan Lee volunteered as a polling and counting agent. He also drew in between the process.

Many Malaysians after standing in long lines for hours to vote, had to wait longer for the results to trickle in. Artwork by Kin Lee.

Roselin Yusof considers May 9 as Malaysia Day!

Joshua Chung doodled while waiting for his family members to finish voting.


We bet many were checking out other people’s fingers to see if they voted or not. Artwork by 50xen.

The GE14 is a milestone in Malaysia’s democratic system. Artwork by Ming Siew.

Some people, such as the media personnel, worked overtime to bring Malaysians updates on the elections. Artwork by Alvin Ng.


“Mixed feelings- surreal, happy, grateful, hopeful yet anxious. Still, Malaysians Boleh!! This will just be a start of the new Chapter and let’s continue to fight for what’s right!” Ee Xuen Chong exclaims.


“Keranamu Malaysia” Wai Theng says.

A hopeful Malaysia is reborn. Artwork by RYu小秋

A seemingly indelible government was removed through a flick of a finger. By Jie Ching.

Many prominent Barisan Nasional politicians saw their political careers end at GE14. Artwork by Iz Hann.

And yes, Season 14 of Malaysia debuted its first episode yesterday with the swearing in of Mahathir Mohamad as Malaysia’s 7th prime minister!

Mahahir Mohamad was Malaysia’s longest serving prime minister (1981 – 2003). He now holds the record for being the oldest prime minister in Malaysia and in the world. Art by Kok Wei.

Many of these artworks were selected from the Doodle Malaysia – Do you doodle? Facebook group. Eksentrika highly recommends Pakatan Harapan, the current ruling government of Malaysia, to collaborate with these talented artists to assist in the reformation efforts of Malaysia *cough* get them do logos *cough* education *cough*  *cough* more art spaces *cough*