The supernatural beings that make up Skies Are Red have a cosmic message for you this Saturday, in the release of their debut single; Lightbearer

Eksentrika had the delightful chance to pre-listen and our verdict is; Gotta Catch it Live!

We were blown away by the angelic vocals of Danielle and the uplifiting music composition.

Music has a way of speaking to the soul and we believe Skies Are Red know well the code.

If you’re searching for meaning in life and need a light to shine on the darkened pathways of your mind, experience the rhythym live for yourself at  Merdekarya this Saturday, 3rd December 2016.

The lyrics to Lightbearer, written by Danielle with the music arranged by Dervin, was inspired by the human struggle of finding one’s purpose in this earthly reality.

Other awesome local talents performing at Merdekarya on the same day are DANI aka Danisa Komari, Silent Angel, and goth punk rock band, Lisa M And The Faceless.

Silent Angel, a 5 piece outfit radiating power metal mixed with heavy melodic rock and Japanese metal music, will also be showcasing their newest vocalist, Sarah Danielle Dickman, who joins one half of their vocal duo tag team.

Need to whet your ears for what the band is brewing? Sneak a listen yourself…

Skies Are Red – Sneak peek of what’s coming next Saturday… | Facebook

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