Feature image: “Still Life with Cherries, Key and Dice,The Key of Luck” by bulgarian artist, Alexander Titorenkov

I usually take up a little room

Deep in your pocket. I am essential

In proving that you are territorial.


Like problems, like children, I multiply

Purely out of basic necessity,

Insecurity or bad memory.


I’m not your faithful spouse nor hot lover.

Yet losing me causes dread and distress,

Turns your life into a horrible mess.


I guard your treasure, your dirty secrets.

Though I jingle-jangle and make loud noise

When I socialise, I’m still your best choice.


Vernon Daim was born in Taiping, grew up in Kuching and found himself in Edinburgh. His poems have appeared in Readings for Readings 2, online literary journals such as Anak Sastra, Eastlit and Asiatic.

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