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Eksentrika's Community Guideline

Hello and welcome to Eksentrika!

Our community platform is aimed at spurring discussions, sharing of ideas, and promote collaborations between artists from various disciplines.

Here are some basic guidelines that we hope you can follow to ensure a positively memorable experience:

  • Leave out politics, religion, ideologies, social movements from this group. This is a space to make friends. Exceptions can be made if discussions are centered around works of art.
  • The admins of this group will not be held accountable or liable for collaborations, deals, job opportunities, events gone awry. You are responsible for the choices you make in this group. Do Your Own Due Diligence (DYODD).
  • We encourage you to promote your events here.
  • You can submit your opinion pieces, poems, short stories, and essays here.
  • Read our F.A.Q section here first before submitting.
  • Get to know Eksentrika better here.
  • Be nice. Be empathic. Be understanding. Be a friend.
  • Most importantly, brush your teeth everyday.

If you're experiencing any issues and wish to provide feedback, you can do so here. We've also created a COVID-19 support page here.

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This Community Guideline was created on November 24, 2020.