Imagine a content website – devoid of censorship – showcasing, promoting and celebrating the plethora of Malaysian artistic talents.

Now, picture a website, where the artist discusses his or her work, the challenges faced, the triumphs celebrated, the philosophies and disciplines practised to get from an empty canvas to a fully colored art piece.

Infact, let’s take it one notch higher. Visualise a website with articles revealing the things that made the artist’s imagination tick.

At this moment, right now, there is a Malaysian who is probably belting out a tune in a pub, strumming his guitar at a party, doodling or painting after work, writing a novel or a poem while at work in the office. It could be a friend or a family member. It could be anyone, even you.

Imagine a content website dedicated to the Malaysian artscene to provide you, the artist a voice.

You can experience all the above now. Eksentrika aims to inspire you to pick a brush, a guitar or a pen to celebrate the artist in you. In us.

Eksentrika launches on September 30. An apt date since I’ve just turned that number yesterday. This is our way of showcasing just how press freedom should be.

Support the local art-scene. Long live Malaysian arts!


The Editors.

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