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Reader Submission Guidelines. 

  • Eksentrika does not own copyright or claim ownership to any of the submissions. Ownership and copyright belong to the creator(s) of the piece alone.
  • We welcome opinion pieces, essays, listicles, reviews, comics strips on issues and matters related to the arts and creative realm. Poems are posted every Mondays and short stories are posted every Fridays. Thursdays are usually reserved for features either Ista and me have been slogging on for the entire week. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are for event organizers who want to promote their events. We do however reserve the right to switch around posting schedules.
  • We DO NOT accept plagiarised materials. Contributors who do so will be blacklisted.
  • Since we operate on a shoe string budget, as of now we only accept submissions on a complimentary basis. We’re working on this currently.
  • We recommend write-ups to be between 200 to 2,000 words. Please do include many images, videos and credit the photographers (except poems and short stories as we usually will source out for images ourselves).
  •  If the piece had been published elsewhere please obtain approval from the editor/owner of the platform FIRST prior to submitting to us. Do include a link with full name of the platform for crediting purposes because some of the website owners/editors can be quite anal about these sort of things.
  • Views, opinions, and expressions are of the creator(s) alone. These views, opinions, and expressions do not represent the views of Eksentrika.
  • Submitted stuff will remain on Eksentrika until the day the internet ceases to exist and they can only be removed upon the request of the creator alone and no one else.
  • Submitted pieces can always be reprinted or republished elsewhere provided the creator gives his/her permission FIRST. Credit to Eksentrika for being the first, second, 69th, or last to publish the author’s piece is not really necessary or mandatory. Though coffee will be on us if you ever do that.
  • We only accept Word Document submissions. PDFs are a pain to copy and paste into our system.
  • Include a short bio of yourself (50 to 100 words is preferable) in the body of the email. Feel free to include links to your website/social media pages.
  • Please do include an image of yourself. If you’re shy, an illustration would work too.
  • Attach images separately. DO NOT INCLUDE THEM IN THE WORD FILE. 
  • Send your stuff through the form below.

Contact Form.

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