Colours and tears is really close to my heart as it was completed on my diploma graduation day. Since then, I focused on finishing the manuscript. So many people inspired me. People have come and gone and I’ve learned that they leave memories that have made me into who I am now. This book is essentially me speaking to people. Telling them how painful and joyful to experience love, loss and life.

I lost my father recently at the age of 23. Since his passing, I have vowed to work twice, thrice harder. My manuscript for my book of poems, Colours and tears, was rejected by various local publishing houses so I’ve tried establishing new platforms on Amazon.

Although this is self-published but I’m glad I made it this far. To those young budding writers out there, don’t ever stop dreaming. When you can work hard on making it happen, work harder than anyone else. The one year of waiting is worth it. Here’s a sneak peek of my book, exclusively for Eksentrika’s readers. If you wish to purchase the book, you can do so by emailing me. You can also purchase it on Book Depository.

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*** Header image by Christian Sterk on Unsplash 

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