Feature image credit: CEX

This August, a bunch of Singaporeans and their Malaysian kakis are going to cause a ruckus in Ipoh. They are going to paint the town red, blue, green, yellow and more….literally!

Not only that, they also plan to create some drama on the streets!

Who are these fellas and what’s the hullabaloo about, you say?

Well, CausewayEXchange (CEX) 2017, the one and only platform supporting cultural and artistic reciprocity between Singapore and Malaysia, is going to be held in Ipoh from August 24 until August 27.

What this means is that, on those dates, you will get a chance to see and mingle with more than 30 Singaporean artists, including doodlers, writers, poets and other interesting folk at Ipoh’s Old Town area.

They are going to decorate the pre-war shoplots with more fantastic murals and stage unusual 30-minute shows called Project Suitcase. Basically, it’s not your average sit down and watch experience. Instead, you get to choose which show you prefer to watch, stay for the next one or follow your favourite act!


By the way, all you slammers better be ready for the much awaited CEX Slam 2017 edition.

It’s time to brush up your rhymes and wear your feelings like a hero’s mantle to compete for that Singapore-Malaysia Poetry Slam Cup. Last year, the Malaysian team earned the one year bragging rights. Will they get to do it again? Best catch the action yourself on August 26! Entry is only RM30.


If you’re thinking of brushing up your poetics that week, you have to catch the writing workshop by Tse Hau Guang and Desmond Kon.

Hao Guang is a poet and editor based in Singapore. His book “Deeds of Light” was shortlisted for the 2016 Singapore Literature Prize. Desmond is a poet and former journalist who won the Poetry World Cup for Singapore in 2014. He is also the founder of Squircle Line Press (Apparently that’s a real word for something that’s square but also circle). Click on the link to learn about them directly.

There’s also going to be a chit-chat session about Singlish and Manglish. What are the similarities and what are the differences? You can kepoh-kepoh on this topic with Singapore poets, Yong Shu Hoong and Sim Piak How as well as Malaysian poets, Wani Ardy, Paul GnanaSelvam & Bridget Eu Yoke Lin. Admission to the session called “Same Same but Different” is free lor.

These awesome artistic activities were organised by DMR Productions , Global Cultural Alliance Ltd and Singapore International Foundation, in colaboration with Sharpened Word and PORT (People of Remarkable Talents). Learn more about CEX 2017 on Facebook.

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