All images by Charmaine Sze

Whether it’s confusion you feel or an increased sense of patriotism between the days of Hari Merdeka and Hari Malaysia, one thing’s for sure, this country is what it is because of unique bits and pieces.

So what better way to showcase Malaysia through the combination of creativity and Lego pieces?

While food tops the list of what we Malaysians believe is the best part of our country, the wonderful architecture shaped by culture and history should share the spotlight as well.

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Fret not about the hot sun or indecisive weather that you might have to battle to admire Malaysia’ beautiful buildings because you’ll be able to find them all under one (air-conditioned!) roof.

In conjunction with Malaysia’s 60th National Day, 25 builders of the Lego User Group of Malaysia (LUG of Malaysia) came together to build a mosaic of Tunku Abdul Rahman crying out “Merdeka” at Sunway Pyramid.

Did we mention that this work of art is recorded in The Malaysia Book of Records as the Biggest Lego Mosaic in Malaysia?

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Aside from getting the opportunity to pose like Tunku with Tunku, visitors can admire special creations of notable Malaysian landmarks by talented Lego users.

Check out the Kek Lok Si Temple without having to take the drive up north, or if you’re a true blue Malaysian foodie, you would definitely appreciate the diorama titled ‘Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan’ by Brandon WYC who believes that food unites Malaysians.

Take some time to admire the little details he put into building each local food stall and see if you can find all 19 of them!

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If that’s not enough to satiate your hunger, you’d be pleased to know another diorama incorporated food elements as well.

Built by Zen and immediately recognised by a visitor, his diorama of Laguna Beach Resort resembles the actual one on Redang Island and is complete with a sandy white beach and buffet spread on the second floor!

Foodies, trust me on this, the food elements in the dioramas will not disappoint.

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There are also builds that history buffs of Malaysia would appreciate, such as the Ipoh Railway Station and Christ Church in Melaka.

Each archway of the Ipoh Railway Station not only creates depth but creates a sense of mystery as your eyes wander down the hallways.

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At the Christ Church build by Thomas Wong, try to spot the Lego trishaw which pays tribute to the actual ones that are colourfully decorated, brightly lit and can be found all over Melaka town.

The diorama by Denil Oh pays tribute to the largest public transportation provider of Malaysia – Prasarana Malaysia Berhad, by drawing inspiration from the new Puchong Jaya LRT station.

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It has an LRT train and RapidKL bus filled with passengers as well!

If you’re looking for some #girlpower builds, Jennifer’s Crystal Mosque will definitely knock your socks off. Awed by the beauty of the actual building in Kuala Terengganu, her diorama took her just 2 weeks to plan and complete!

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Be sure to whip out your smartphones to get photos of these amazing works of art and join other visitors in discussing which diorama is your favourite.


The Lego mural and creations will be displayed until the 17th of September at the Central Avenue of Sunway Pyramid. Tell us what you think of them in the comments or drop us an email at!