Lengkuas (left) was a well celebrated local cartoonist. Image credit: Sireh Cartoonist

The Malaysian comic industry is mourning again. Earlier this morning, online comic webstore Bekazon announced that cartoonist Zainuddin Saleh had passed away.

The 53-year-old cartoonist who is known in the local comic realm as Lengkuas was believed to have been suffering from high blood pressure and kidney complications.

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Image credit: JenamaX

Zainuddin was among the first cartoonists who were part of Ujang way back in the 90’s.

He was known for ‘Mat Despatch’ and ‘Yob Peon’, both of which were published in the comic magazine.

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Among these two comics, it was ‘Mat Despatch’ – a comic about an office worker who constantly bugs his boss for RM 2 – which many would remember Lengkuas for.

His passing comes after graphic novelist Toyon, who passed away last month.

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