Author: Sukhbir Cheema

Making Music That Touched People’s Lives Led To Gentle Bones’ Success

If you’ve been following the Southeast Asian music scene, you’ve probably heard of Joel Tan aka Gentle Bones. You’ve also probably heard some of his well known tracks such as “Until We Die”, “Settle Down”, “Geniuses & Thieves” and his most streamed EP to date with its title track “I Wouldn’t Know Any Better Than You”. Born and raised in Singapore, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter has gone on to produce three albums and has performed across Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Malaysia. He is also the youngest English music recording artist to boast two sold-out concerts. But that’s not all. Joel was also...

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The KITA! Podcast Is Now One Of Our Top Podcasts To Listen To. Why?

A show of hands those of you who listen to podcasts while stuck in traffic. Podcast is gradually gaining in popularity in Malaysia as more and more are realising how much control they have when it comes to what they listen compared to radio stations. Thanks to apps such as Spotify, Castbox, SoundCloud, and more there are thousands of podcasts to choose from. The topics covered are diverse: From personal finance to art to even dental hacks. Recently, we came across a podcast that just blew us away. Not only was it well made, there was so much of...

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How To Make A Living By Performing Exciting Magic? Zlwin Chew Unveils.

Meet Zlwin Chew. He is magician, mentalist, and illusionist who has performed for thousands including Malaysian royalties and even the country’s prime minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. When he was 18, he chanced upon a magician performing a card trick. Thanks to that incident, Zlwin promised himself that he’ll be a magician too. Today, the 29-year-old Malaysian has wowed people who throng renowned nightspots such as Zouk and has even performed on board prominent cruise ships, among them being the Royal Caribbean Cruises and Star Cruises. Eksentrika recently got in touch with Zlwin to find out what does it really takes...

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Malaysian Queen Fan Creates A Lifelike Crochet Tapestry Of Rami Malek’s Freddie Mercury. It’s Perfect.

Once in a while, we get our readers dropping us a line sharing with us some cool artwork they’ve seen or suggesting us people we could write about on Eksentrika. Recently, one of our readers alerted us to an amazing piece of fan art. It’s not your regular one as this piece by Shanita Lyn Kumar from Subang Jaya, Malaysia, has certainly set a high benchmark specifically for music, film, and crochet lovers. It’s a crochet tapestry of Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury and it’s impressive! According to the 23-year-old artist, illustrator and designer, it took her a total...

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Meet The Photographer Who Is Changing Fashion Narratives On Women

Emmanuelle Khoo Fong Yi @ Emma Khoo is more than a photographer. The internationally published photographer is a woman with a mission. On weekdays you’ll find her poring through countless books, clicking and typing away on her laptop, researching and writing about postcolonialism, gender, architecture and its history, it’s during the weekends when you’ll see her weave stories through her trusted camera. To date, Emma has had her works published on numerous international magazines such as Elegant, 7Hues, Sheeba, L’affaire, Period, Gazelle, Gaya, Whim Online, and more, this Malaysian photographer is on a mission to change the fashion narratives on women: By...

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