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Artist makes a living by painting images of Pokemon!

Okay, so the last time around we wrote about this artist who morphed Pokemon into Po-Kaijin and this architect who created his own Pokemon evolutionary line. This time around though, we’re writing about Alexander Panglima who paints beautiful Pokemon images! A photo posted by by Alex Panglima ( on Nov 11, 2016 at 6:51am PST A photo posted by by Alex Panglima ( on Oct 23, 2016 at 4:42am PDT Finally completed! Who will you be choosing to start your adventure in Alola? Let me know in the comments below 😊 A photo posted by by Alex Panglima ( on...

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“Music gave me a new lease of life” Nigesh Armon

All images credit: Armon In 2009, after experiencing a terrible break up and dwindling into drug addiction, Nigesh Armon fell back into music. And that probably saved him. Prior to the dark days of his life, the 32-year-old had been in and out of several bands. His love for the stage drove him to form many different bands with kindred music lovers, but over the years, these alliances fell apart, leaving Armon, solo in his passion. In those intial years, he did not imagine music to be his full time gig. “It was all for fun. But the darkest...

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Laughter, tears and more tears at Still Taming & S’kolah

When the full dress rehearsal for Still Taming & S’kolah concluded, I silently walked out of Pentas 2, made my way to the entrance of the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (Klpac) and after taking a few deep breaths, I lit a cigarette. My eyes were still teary and I had to pretend I was suffering from a bad case of the flu. It is extremely rare to find local theatre performances that tug your heart, let alone leave the audience speechless as Malaysians are typically  drawn to shows that are funny or light hearted. Mark Beau De Silva...

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Charity for Rohingya kids through poems and haiku

Specially created for Amir by Mimi Mashud of Kuala Terengganu in 7 Days fame. image credit: Mimi Mashud Most people expect to be showered with gifts on their birthday. But not Fixi’s Amir Muhammad. The independent filmmaker turned publisher recently ushered in his 44th birthday with a Facebook post requesting his friends to comment in poems and haikus. “Today is my birthday. For every person who writes an original poem/pantun/sajak/haiku about this happy occasion as a reply to this post, I will donate RM10 to a local charity of my choice. Deadline is the end of today. Begin!” he...

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This artist morphs Pokemon into Kaijin – names them Po-Kaijin

What if Professor Oak turns evil and reengineers Pokemon with Kaijins – the creatures from Kamen Rider? Enter Po-Kaijin – a computer technician’s personal art project seeking to explore this quirky concept of Nintendo’s globally received game. What is a Kaijin you ask? Derived from the Japanese word “Kaiju” which translates to monster, Kaijin on the other hand means “strange person”. It typically refers to a humanoid monster! Gasp! To date, Chen Zhi Yong has created 36 Po-Kaijin. Each week, a brand new artwork is uploaded without fail after Zhi Yong painstakingly works on each art piece every night...

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