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SHORT STORY | Anarchy on a Monday Morning

Image credit: Sean T. Collins   ***This post contains excessive vulgarities. If you can’t handle it, it is highly recommended that you DO NOT attempt to read this post.  59-years-ago my forefathers lowered the Union Jack just so that you and I can sit in a packed train that takes us to skyscrapers where we, dressed in our John Master long-sleeved buttoned up shirts, clock in to work at an air-conditioned office fitted with a tiny pantry with endless supply of Milo and oats, gazing into a black box, sifting through confusing words and complex numbers for eight hours straight, day in...

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Music now and here with Billie Blue & The Nowhere Men

All images courtesy of Billie Blue & The Nowhere Men Folk rock outfit Billie Blue & The Nowhere Men are no strangers in the local indie music scene. Inspired by psychedelic bands of the 60’s, the four-piece band’s vocalist, Billie Blue Blackstone reveals to Eksentrika that there are more elements that inspire their music than what others would typically be led to assume. Hey Billie! First of all, what does “Nowhere Men” signify? Why such a name for a band?  “Nowhere Men” is a reference to the Beatles song, “Nowhere Man” from the movie “Yellow Submarine”. That movie and...

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Malaysians pay homage to Carrie Fisher through art

By now you’ve probably heard the passing of Carrie Fisher, who famously played the role of Princess Leia in George Lucas’ epic space franchise, Star Wars. The American actress, writer, producer, and humorist passed away at the age of 60 four days after going into cardiac arrest during an airplane flight. For many, the news came as a shock as Carrie was a symbol of strength and courage. Her philosophy and outlook on life, despite suffering from bipolar disorder and drug addiction, served as an inspiration to many. Based on these artworks created by Malaysian artists, her legacy will continue to...

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Deric Gan’s Richard III is a study on how a weakling can turn evil

All images by TR. Ban Photography How does discrimination play a factor for an individual to turn evil? Dr Deric Gan’s interpretation of Richard III which ended its run last weekend at The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac) explores just this. Deric’s take on one of William Shakespeare’s earliest work on an actual king explored crucial elements which turned Richard III of England into a monstrous figure. These are the same elements which many Richard III plays often miss, ignore or overlook. See, the people of England during the middle ages believed that those who were hunched or deformed...

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Superhero artist anonymously creates healing art for terminally ill children

All images credit: Kopi Soh There are superheroes among us if you look close enough. One of them is an artist who anonymously has been creating healing artworks for terminally ill children for the past four-years! Preferring to go with her artist name Kopi Soh, the digital artist said there was no big “Aha” moment when she found her calling in creating healing artworks. “I just felt I wanted to put more smiles on people’s faces so I started by drawing for the general public, people who were sick, depressed, grieving, and also terminally ill kids who were stuck...

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