Author: Sukhbir Cheema

How To Be Different And Make Soulful Music? We Ask Sabah’s Beza Cabeza.

Hailing from Sabah, Annabel Eliza aka Beza Cabeza has been setting the Borneo music scene on fire. True to her stage name, Beza Cabeza is on a quest to be different. Well-received for her soulful voice accompanying thoughtful lyrics, the singer-songwriter has been performing a diverse range of music from rock, pop, jazz, to ethnic. She is set to release her latest single titled, Lost and Found, on February 14 which prompted us to get in touch with the singer. Hey Annabel! First up, what’s the story behind your stage name Beza Cabeza?  I used to be known as Annabel T,...

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How Crucial Are Open Mics? Just Ask Malaysia’s Rising Jazz Star, Dani Komari.

If you’re a lover of jazz and the blues and frequently throng spaces that showcases such music, chances are you’ve possibly seen Dani Komari perform live. The 28-year-old refugee school teacher is famous in the music scene for putting her own personal spin to jazz classics. In recent years, specifically 2017 onwards, the singer-songwriter has gone on to perform at major festivals such as IP Jazz Festival, JB International Arts Festival, and the Publika Jazz Festival, sharing the same stage with established names such as Dasha Logan, Michael Veerapen, Lewis Pragasam and the late Amy Winehouse’s guitarist, Robin Banerjee. In short, Dani is on fire. We...

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Just How Much Has Changed In The Malaysian Music Scene In 10 Years?

Alt title: This Seasoned Musician Returns To The Scene After 6 Years. We Asked Him How Much Has Changed Since He Left. If you’ve been following the Malaysian indie music scene closely, chances are you’ve might have bumped into Tim Lim. Known as Timothy Lim Wern Liang according to his identification card, the 36-year-old can be considered an “old timer” in the local scene. However, if you’ve never seen him before, that’s because Tim had taken a more than a half decade long hiatus from the scene. But not before releasing two albums, The Day After and This Road. Six years...

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This Formula To Get Your Music Noticed By Others Is A No Brainer

The 3 Important Criteria To Get Your Music Noticed According To Meet Santosh Logandran. He’s a go getter and is highly passionate about what he does. Some of you probably know the sound engineer as the percussionist dude from Malaysia’s multiracial band, Nadir. But did you know that the 27-year-old is an amazing singer too? We recently spoke to the talented musician who released a single, collaborated in a short film with Gavin Yap and HUAWEI, and is set to release his solo album this year. For those who haven’t seen it, shame on you. It’s so good! Santosh...

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7 Ways Alena Murang’s ‘Midang Midang’ Embodies The Spirit of Sarawak Beautifully

Sarawakian songstress Alena Murang recently released a music video to her track, Midang Midang and boy we were blown away. From the music to the choreography to the creation of the 3 minute 27 second video, the work of art embodied the essence of Sarawak beautifully. The track, part of Alena’s debut EP Flight which was released in 2016 (here’s a review of it), is an old Kelabit song passed down to her by grandaunty Tepu’ Ira. The song is usually sung at match-making and courtships. The song is sung from the point of view of a young girl who...

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