Author: Sukhbir Cheema

How Can Malaysian Arts Move Forward Post COVID-19?

Five months on since the coronavirus pandemic went global, the focus has shifted to the disruption the virus caused on the livelihood of artists and arts organisations. The conversations have also pivoted to the type of world we would have to adapt to, with technology at the forefront driving many industries, including the arts and culture. Tan E-Jan and Ng Chor Guan of Malaysian creative incubator, Toccata Studio, both understand the concept of impermanence, having created extensive works that fuses science and technology with art. We recently spoke to Jan, who serves as the Creative Producer, and Guan, the...

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93% Of Malaysian Artists Have Been Negatively Impacted By COVID-19. Here’s What You Can Do.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only disrupted the lives of billions of people on earth but also sealed the fates of many arts organizations across the globe that were already bleeding financially. In 2015 the UNESCO estimated the market size of the world’s cultural and creative industry at US$2.25 trillion, with nearly 30 million people employed. This figure was larger than India’s GDP. As countries across the world began imposing travel restrictions and social distancing measures, Cirque du Soleil, emerged as among the first iconic casualties. The Montreal-based circus giant announced that it was filing for bankruptcy. Art organizations...

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SHORT STORY | A Widow’s Song by Jayati Roy

Oh hear my song, You mighty waves, Do you hear my pain? Blistered lips quivering, The disconsolate widow sings.   Her voice, caressing the breeze, She writhes, Anguish in every vein, Bidding him goodbye; his last goodbye, As the seagulls coo in vain.   The garlands, red and yellow, Mashed, withered and mellow, Drifting further and further away, On the lap of the dancing waves, Whisking away what is left of him, A pot bearing her husband’s ashes, With no life within.   Her footprints, Nimbly, nimbly so, Treading on sand and a beach of stones, Hurting her toes....

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Does Eating Sambal Belacan Make An Architect Spout Poetry?

Sometime in 2019, Ista and me stumbled upon a post on Facebook. It was an illustration, extremely minimalist, but had words in them in Malay, peppered with a little bit of English. It was as Malaysian as it could get and the post blew our mind. The person behind this work of art was Affendi Salleh. You’ve probably come across his posts on Facebook. They get shared like crazy. Best part? He also released a collection of all his Facebook posts into a book titled, Gelas Separuh Penuh. We simply had to get in touch with the man to...

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How To Embrace A Foreign Culture And Remain True To Your Own?

Born and raised in Penang, Lilian Li is a Malaysian author who recently published her debut novel, The House of Koi. The book, based on Lilian’s own personal life, concerns young Mila who is torn in choosing two identities. The plot of the book revolves around a central theme of Mila deciding between fitting into her American international school or choosing to be Malaysian. Lilian, who is currently majoring in Advertising and minoring in English at the Boston University, reveals that writing the novel has helped her process her childhood.   View this post on Instagram   #TerrierTuesdays: Meet...

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