Author: Sukhbir Cheema

Making peace with depression and anxiety through pencils

All images credit: Joshua Lim Whenever Joshua Lim experiences anxiety or depression, he plugs in his earphones and starts to sketch. This is his meditation. His solitude to study himself. For the 24-year-old, frequent bouts of depression is a norm he has experienced since he was a child. “If I were to trace back to where it started, it might’ve been when I first began to understand things. Being  extremely reserved also eventually turned everything into a form of anxiety, which only got worse as time went by,” says the Kuala Lumpur born. His anxiety and depression is usually triggered whenever he finds himself out...

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Four artists, four different perspectives on Penang

Image credit: Song Siew Yin Known as a prominent cultural and heritage site – and not to mention a tourist hot-spot –  the recent years has seen Penang transform into an art hub in the region. In honoring this spirit, Penang based artists are currently holding an exhibition themed simply, “Celebrating Penang”. The art exhibition which began on January 21 and runs until February 14 at the Hin Bus Depot Art Centre at Georgetown, Penang, sees the work of four artists from diverse art styles and backgrounds. The artworks which ranges from paintings to even sculptures feature works of Yeoh Suan...

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Visually impaired pianist will leave you stunned with her musical skills!

Image credit: The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre Sometimes, to appreciate good music, they say you have to close your eyes. But might it work as well for playing music? Seems to be the case for one pianist extraordinaire, Samantha Khoo. Don’t believe us, watch this video of her performing at the 3rd Malaysian Jazz Piano Competition that was in conjunction with the 4th Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival in Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (Klpac) last weekend. She was born visually impaired but hearing her on the piano, will have you do a double take to see if it’s someone with good eyesight....

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Telling stories on Malaysia via Facebook – the methods used are awesome!

Image credit: Songs & Stories In the age of information, the way we tell and share stories continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Enter Songs & Stories, a joint-initiative between singer-songwriter Juwita Suwito and novelist-author Gina Yap Lai Yoong (PSSST! We also wrote a feature on Gina last year). Heavily relying on social media – primarily Facebook – as a platform to share their stories, the duo have experimented telling stories about their journey throughout Malaysia in the form of short Facebook documentaries, photo essays, and posts. With the aim of the initiative is to discover inspiration in everyday people and places...

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SHORT STORY | Anarchy on a Monday Morning

Image credit: Sean T. Collins   ***This post contains excessive vulgarities. If you can’t handle it, it is highly recommended that you DO NOT attempt to read this post.  59-years-ago my forefathers lowered the Union Jack just so that you and I can sit in a packed train that takes us to skyscrapers where we, dressed in our John Master long-sleeved buttoned up shirts, clock in to work at an air-conditioned office fitted with a tiny pantry with endless supply of Milo and oats, gazing into a black box, sifting through confusing words and complex numbers for eight hours straight, day in...

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