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VANNA Took 10 Years To Make Her Music Public. Then COVID-19 Struck.

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, of Indian and Iranian parents, Israeli singer-songwriter VANNA has been dropping several singles with an aim to release them all as her debut EP. Titled High Hopes, the EP will be released at the end of 2020 and chronicles VANNA’s journey as a musician and as a person. We recently got in touch with the singer-songwriter to find out more about the EP, the challenges she’s faced as a musician due to the coronavirus, and if she still has hope. Hey there VANNA! Let’s start with your stage name. What does VANNA mean? Vanna...

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ESEI | Saya Dan Bidang Penulisan oleh M. Mahendran

Saya pun tidak tahu bagaimana saya terjebak ke dalam bidang penulisan. Suatu bidang yang saya libatkan diri dengan tidak begitu serius.  Perkara yang digesa dan dipaksa oleh ibu bapa saya untuk menulis di majalah sekolah semasa saya di darjah dua berterusan hingga kini. Mungkin kerana nama saya ditatap oleh orang ramai, ia membuatkan saya gembira.  Walaupun saya bukan seorang penulis tersohor seperti mereka yang lain, saya  masih menulis. Setelah menghasilkan karangan dan rencana untuk majalah sekolah rendah dan menengah dalam bahasa Malaysia, bahasa Inggeris dan Tamil, saya mula menulis ke ruangan ‘Surat Daripada Pembaca’ ke akhbar-akhbar Tamil pada penghujung...

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3 Years Ago This Band Was A One Man Show. Here’s How It Grew.

In 2017, when we interviewed Daniel, he was a one man show with Wanted Symphony. Three years on, turns out, his band has now grown. Daniel shares with us how much his music has evolved in the span of three years and how, collaborating with Ruben, has opened up opportunities to try out brand new sounds. The last time we spoke was in 2017! How much has your music evolved in the course of close to 3 years, Daniel? Quite a bit, actually! Wanted Symphony is now a singer-songwriter duo comprising of Ruben and myself, and we’ve moved to...

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Meet Rachel Morais. She Began Playing The Piano When She Was 3.

Recently, we came across a the works of Rachel Morais, a pianist and composer based in Malaysia. Unlike other piano compositions we’ve heard, there was something uniquely different in Morais’ works. Her music, according to her social media’s description, reflects the fragility and realness of life. Her music is an eclectic blend between neo-classical sounds and has tinge of Phillip Glass’s minimalism fused with New-Age textures. You’ll be forgiven for mistaking her works to be that of Chopin or even Erik Satie, two pianists whom she has taken inspiration from. Rachel also tells us that she takes inspiration from...

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How To Grow Your Money Made Really Easy For Enterprising Artists

Raise your hand if you’re an artist and struggle financially. For many of us, an artwork by Salvador Dali makes way better sense than those boring complex charts with numbers and figures. Plus, Dali’s works are great to look at! However, we creative folks could use a little bit of financial literacy so that we don’t make bad money decisions or worst, get duped by greedy and cunning opportunists. Personal finance is actually really easy to understand if you know the basics. Luckily, you’re at the right place. I’ll share with you all I know through this simplified but comprehensive...

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