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Does Eating Sambal Belacan Make An Architect Spout Poetry?

Sometime in 2019, Ista and me stumbled upon a post on Facebook. It was an illustration, extremely minimalist, but had words in them in Malay, peppered with a little bit of English. It was as Malaysian as it could get and the post blew our mind. The person behind this work of art was Affendi Salleh. You’ve probably come across his posts on Facebook. They get shared like crazy. Best part? He also released a collection of all his Facebook posts into a book titled, Gelas Separuh Penuh. We simply had to get in touch with the man to...

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How To Embrace A Foreign Culture And Remain True To Your Own?

Born and raised in Penang, Lilian Li is a Malaysian author who recently published her debut novel, The House of Koi. The book, based on Lilian’s own personal life, concerns young Mila who is torn in choosing two identities. The plot of the book revolves around a central theme of Mila deciding between fitting into her American international school or choosing to be Malaysian. Lilian, who is currently majoring in Advertising and minoring in English at the Boston University, reveals that writing the novel has helped her process her childhood.   View this post on Instagram   #TerrierTuesdays: Meet...

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Making Melodies Out Of Pain And Heartache

We all struggle in one way or another in our lives. Some of us believe in some form of higher power. Others, in a school of thought of their choice. For Malaysian singer-songwriter, Bihzhu, it goes deeper than that. The Penang born is well known in the Malaysian music scene for her rich, soulful vocals that have the magical prowess to uplift people’s spirit. Due to this, the award-winning musician has traveled the world to bring her brand of “heart music” to countries such as Australia, South Korea, China, Indonesia, and India. We recently spoke to Bihzhu on what...

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How To Tell Stories That Live In People’s Memories?

Storytelling is an art. From short stories, novels, comics, films, music, and even theatre, the question on many who dabble in storytelling has always been about: What makes a good story? To tackle this difficult question, we recently spoke to Malaysian novelist, playwright, and left-field theatremaker, Ridhwan Saidi. The 34-year-old is also the co-founder of indie publishing outfit, Moka Mocha Ink which publishes contemporary fiction and theatre scripts in the Malay language. Ridhwan also serves as a research member of LiteraCity, Kuala Lumpur’s literary mapping project. Throughout his journey as a storyteller, Ridhwan has produced several novels including Cekik...

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The Malaysian Performing Arts Scene Faces These 3 Challenges

Born in Kota Tinggi, Johor, thespian Fasyali Fadzly has had a decade worth of experience in the process of writing a play to directing it. The 37-year-old is a recipient of the Boh Cameronian Arts Award in 2014 for Best Original Script, Best Director and Best Ensemble Performance for his play, Teater Juta-Juta. In the ten years since 2010, Fasyali has written and directed 10 plays with some of them even staged abroad in Canada, Tokyo, Jogyakarta, and Singapore. We recently got in touch with Fasyali via email to speak to him about his love for theatre, his anthology of scripts also titled Teater Juta-Juta and some...

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