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Malaysian Independent Publishers And Bookstores You MUST Support

This is an updated version of a post written by our writer Suet Fun on August 3, 2017. We’ve updated this list with additional publishers and bookstores.   Feeling adventurous in your pursuit of reading? Our independent publishers and bookstores are here to deliver a varied range of literature to liven up your bookshelf. Independent (or more commonly known as ‘indie’) publishers and bookstores operate on a smaller capacity and are more receptive or even encouraging towards experimental writing, as opposed to large-scale, mass-producing commercial publishers that churn out popular mainstream titles. Notwithstanding their niche nature, independent publishers and bookstores...

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Poetry in the midst of bustling KL? Check out Geraba(k)ata!

All images credit: Projek Dialog If you’re a frequent user of the LRT Ampang or Kelana Jaya line, you might have noticed that the walls of the underground pedestrian tunnel in the Masjid Jamek station have been adorned with an eye-catching spread of poetry. The mural is the product of Geraba(k)ata, a collaborative project by Projek Dialog, Think City () and Tiny Art Projects, supported by RapidKL. The team behind Geraba(k)ata consists of Fuad Rahmat and Zikri Rahman, with graphic design by Allie Hill and illustrations by Komeil Zarin. Pssst! The last time Allie added colours the walls of...

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James Lee attempts to re-define film-making through smartphones!

Production stills by Kenny Gan, sourced from James Lee Interested in filmmaking but lacking in conventional (and probably costly) equipment? Your smartphone might just be your next best bet. As smartphones and other handheld gadgets increasingly infiltrate every aspect of our modern, tech-reliant lives, local independent filmmaker, James Lee explores the possibilities offered by the ubiquitous smartphone as an alternative to traditional filmmaking equipment in his latest brainchild, the ‘Smartphone Films Series’. Just check out his short film below! ‘Overtime’ is the first product in the series of several short films shot entirely on smartphones. This project is a new...

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Your Guide to Must Follow Malaysian Art Festivals!

Here in Malaysia, we are fortunate to have a flourishing creative scene with a series of yearly festivals that cater to various art forms. Festivals are great platforms that encourage discussion, promote the exchange of ideas and provide artists with avenue to showcase their work. What’s more, the public get to enjoy and develop a more widespread appreciation of the arts. These festivals, however, are not just fun and games; they strive to educate, fascinate and enlighten. They also foster a sense of community by connecting like-minded individuals. Here are some of the many (and growing!) festivals, big or small,...

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Need the antidote to get through the day? Check out this artist’s artworks!

All artworks are by Anntidote Searching for an antidote to your daily frustrations or sorrows? Let Anntidote lift up your downtrodden spirits with an aesthetically pleasing flow of encouraging vibes! Anntidote is a locally-based art label run by artist and writer, Ann Tan. Ann started creating art and writing poetry as hobbies, which grew into a habit and eventually flourished into Anntidote. Currently in the final year of her English and Creative Writing degree, Ann assiduously continues to create meaningful art and poetry despite having to manage assignment deadlines, exams and other commitments. Her initial experience in art was...

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