Author: Shobha Janardanan

5 Things Only Voice Over Talents Can Relate To But Won’t Tell You

An unseen person speaking for a visible character in an animation, video clip or a person simply narrating over visual content, is a voice over (VO) talent or artiste. Voiceovers, though most easily explained by referring to voices in radio spots, are not just for ads, but also audio books, animations, corporate videos, games and much more! The work of a voiceover artiste may be regarded as overrated and peculiar by those not privy to the process of recording talents in a studio. However, the world is oblivious to the trials and triumphs faced by these talents. So, I...

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ESSAY | The Artiste by Shobha Janardanan

She walked with gentle, dainty strides in a flowing white crepe saree, studded with red beads, into the hall of her home in Brickfields. Her face glowed with artistry and her eyes danced with anticipation of performing, as she sat cross-legged on the floor and placed the veena* on her lap. It was 5.30pm and the guests invited for a private recital were seated. They were all known faces; aunts and uncles, cousins and friends. Silence prevailed as the instrument was plucked and tuned by her nimble fingers. She twisted knobs on the stem of the veena, to get...

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