Author: Qi Tyng Leong

My Experience Painting Warhammer’s Stormcast Eternal Liberator

All images by Qi Tyng Leong Many approached arts class in school with dread because they felt like they weren’t artistic or creative enough. To quell your fears, I suggest giving figurine painting a try! This is because: 1. You don’t need to draw. The figurine is supplied. 2. Even without shading or highlighting the finer details, it still looks awesome! 3. Painting can be therapeutic. I’ve never painted a figurine before but had the opportunity to paint a Warhammer figurine at the recently held Publika Comic Play 2017. Patrick Ong, the store manager of Games Workshop, was the...

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RJ Kevin on addressing self esteem issues through music

RJ Kevin, singer and songwriter. Image by U Wang Studio Before becoming a singer and songwriter, RJ Kevin worked as a pharmaceutical salesman for a year and a half. Encouraged by his single mother, he learned how to play musical instruments through Youtube tutorials and picked up singing. It was during this period of learning when the 25-year-old discovered that music and singing could be used as a catharsis. “Composing helps me capture the feel-good memories and bottle them into songs I could listen to when I feel lost or sad,” he explained. Turns out, it was music that helped the...

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Gerakbudaya’s Onde Onde brings more openness to an open mic

(From left) Alana Azlan, Nana, RJ Kevin, Arisha Akhir, May Chong, Hon-Wai, Aiman. Image credit Leong Qi Tyng Imagine an open house feel to an open mic event. How would you do it? Gerakbudaya aptly named their recently held first open mic event as Onde-Onde Open Mic. Turns out, the organizer, Hon-Wai, wanted to bring an open house feel to the event. Basically something more Malaysian than usual lah! In order to create the open house environment, there were childhood snacks Malaysians would recognize and squeal over to be munched on while mingling. The seating had a relaxed and...

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Silk & Strings – the Truth of Bullying: Are You Bullied or the Bully?

All images credit I’M Entertainment Not many shows could elicit a deep emotion in me. But this particular play co-produced by Michelle Tan and Ian Nathaniel did. I heard sniffles. I don’t know if it was someone developing a flu or because the performance was an emotional roller-coaster. From where I sat, two from the audience bent forward from their seats: one ran a quick finger across his eyes, the second person used the t-shirt collar. A few nodded in agreement when a character voiced his support that boys can and do cry. Directed by the amazing Alia Kearney, Silk & Strings:...

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What happens when art and science beautifully intertwine?

Black Waves, a moving art exhibit at Future World. All images credit Leong Qi Tyng What happens when science meets the arts? Enter The Future World exhibit, currently ongoing at the ArtScience Museum, Singapore. Created in collaboration with teamLab, the exhibition features interactive projects and art installations for both young children and adults to enjoy. Organised in four themes; Nature, Town, Park, and Space, the intention of the exhibit is to explore how art, science and technology meet and what happens when they do. Upon entering the museum, I was lucky enough to be the first in line to catch...

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