Author: Lo Sin Yee

SHORT STORY | Two Of The Same Thing by Lo Sin Yee

The deafening ringing of the school bell reverberated at every corner.  Before it trailed off into silence, a cacophony of voices and laughter rose around a yellow cat.  He lazily raised his head as hundreds of feet pattered up and down the spiral staircase above him. A girl squatted down and stroked the cat’s head.  The cat let out a big yawn, showing his sharp teeth and tongue with utter nonchalance.  The girl chuckled and petted the cat’s cheek, just behind the whiskers, her own hair, parted at the centre, dangling from both sides of her slightly pimpled face. The cat closed his eyes,...

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SHORT STORY | My Father by Lo Sin Yee

Papa used to be a moody, churlish person. He could not get over the pain of his bankruptcy in the late ’70s. Many of our friends and relatives treated him with scorn and contempt. To support our family, he learned how to make steamed Chinese buns and sold them at the night market. Whenever he returned home with a beaming face, I knew that his buns had sold well. If he returned home sombre-faced, my mother would warn my siblings and me not to make him angry. We would watch in silence as he morosely threw all the unsold...

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SHORT STORY | A Teacher’s Journey On A School Bus by Lo Sin Yee

School Time by Jed Villejo Since my father was taken ill, I have been taking a school bus to work.  Every day, I have to wake up very early in the morning, do my ablutions in a half-asleep fashion before waiting outside the gate for the bus. Surrounded by darkness, except for the dim street lights, most of the residents are still in slumberland. The morning air is cool and the stillness is occasionally punctuated by the sound of housewives stir-frying rice and the slow trickle of traffic plying the road in the dis­tance.  I stand drowsily at the gate,...

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