Author: Juliana Heng

POETRY | Unrecognition by Juliana Heng

Unrecognition : Feels like  having my feet nailed to the ground, unable to move forward. The more I want to break free,   the more it grips me at every toe,  keeping me rooted to the ground, persistently reminding me to yield to my fate.    Unrecognition :  Feels like I am being smothered by a pillow.  I tried to breathe,  but nothing goes in.  I tried to yell,  But nothing comes out.  Eventually I will be out of breath,  My voice silenced to nothingness,   calling me to yield to my fate.    Unrecognition :  Feels like I am climbing...

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POETRY | The Reunion by Juliana Heng

Editor’s Note: This poem was first performed by Malaysian stand-up comedian and poet, Juliana Heng at the International University of Malaya-Wales Slam Off on October 16, 2019. It was extremely moving that we decided to obtain Juliana’s permission to share it with you here. Enjoy! The reunion dinner on the eve of Chinese New Year is a cherished tradition of every Chinese family. It could be a huge gathering of a few generations under one roof, or just an intimate get-together with a few immediate family members. I used to have a reunion dinner every year, with my family of...

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POETRY | Autumn by Juliana Heng

When I was a kid, I was an oddball. Nobody wanna play with me, except Autumn. Autumn plays with me everyday Have meals with me during recess and went to the library with me to disappear into good books together. I cannot focus on my homework. Autumn coaxed me gently : “Finish your homework fast fast, then we can play together!” We finished our homework before school ended. Such maturity for a young child. Autumn is an enigma. The moment she landed her eyes on your phone number & IC number, she will call you on your birthday every...

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