Author: Jayati Roy

SHORT STORY | Sweet Revenge by Jayati Roy

You said that your baby died because of a snake. Yes, I did. Was it because of a snake bite? No! I don’t understand. How could this have been so? He died because of a snake in the house. A snake in the house! Oh, my goodness! Where was it hiding? In a rolled mat under the bed. How did you find out? When I found fresh snake skin in the house. Oh no! But I still don’t get it. Why did the baby die because of the snake? Because it brought bad luck? Bad luck? But how? By...

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SHORT STORY | Up On Spirits Mountain by Jayati Roy

The cold breeze swept past our faces, The gravel glistening, squeaking into our walking shoes, The peak, Just a short way ahead, Lay barren, Beckoning! A landscape without the collage of swaying branches and tall trees; the scent of a myriad flowers and raw mud slapping a sienna terrain: a silhouette haunting our minds – left behind, Hung over our heads like a shadow, As we trudged along.   The highest mountain in South East Asia we had scaled, The ropes tied to our waists held us together, One tribe we had become that day, Doggedly determined to reach...

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POETRY | When Silence Reigns by Jayati Roy

The earth casts a shadow, And our hearts ache, How can we be safe? Even if we lock ourselves down, our homes and our lives. Tumultuous is the pain, Heavy it reigns As we scramble away from each other and follow our own paths, Hear of thousands dying and thousands in pain, Millions perhaps someday!   The agony one feels, Of helplessness and loss, To the moon we have gone and back, Mars is in our grip we boast, Yet, why do we succumb to a blasted virus? Our populations decimated, Lives destroyed. Defeated by an enemy we can’t...

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POETRY | The Storm by Jayati Roy

I see thunder,I see rain,I see heaven’s rage,Descend upon this mane. The sky blackens,And the wind is a riot,How do we containGod’s wrath? Dark clouds gather all around,As if it’s a shroud,The sun of a while ago,Is a golden rim up yonder. The rain it pelts,With mighty gusto,Turning this landInto a state of limbo. But life goes on,This is no wonder,For the rain will stop,And the clouds will disappear. The heavens will smile again,Clear the skies and save its name,For man has to plod along,And finish his task – just the same! *** Header image by O12 on Unsplash.   Hey guys,...

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POETRY | The Durian Tree by Jayati Roy

There once stood a durian tree, In front of my gate, Solitary, twisted and bare, A forlorn state it did depict, Its age you couldn’t tell. Its branches hung high, Twisted like a snake, Black and mouldy, with parasites running wild, Its leaves stuck out in places. ‘It’s dead the neighbours lamented.’ Then one fine day the tree had a gleam, White flowers appeared as if in a dream. Little baby durians poked out their heads, And laughed at us, As if they had returned from the dead. ‘Don’t cut that tree,’ was my father’s cry, Some day it’ll...

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