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Meet legendary Malaysian cartoonists in Ipoh this weekend!

Ipoh has been heating up with art this week, full of activities organised by The Other Fest 2017. If you’re in Ipoh and didn’t know, (well you should now!), check out the sexy stuff happening around that Concubine Lane area, near that awesome spot known as Yasmin@Kong Heng. This Saturday, which is tomorrow lah, Sharpened Word is also having a session where you can meet Hassan Muthalib  and Lat, who needs little introduction to most Malaysians, since his comics, The Kampung Boy are widely known and loved in the country. For those who need a refresher on who Hassan is, you...

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How to score that Top UK acting school audition? We asked someone who actually did it!

You’re in a spacious room with four judges. They watch you, waiting for you to perform. There are others auditioning too and they’re there in the same room, watching you. Now deliver your monologue. After that it’s three more rounds to go. That’s what it’s like to vie for a spot to study acting in UK’s leading drama school, East 15. This is a true experience relayed by Tika Mu’tamir, one of three talented Malaysian actors, who recently scored a spot to study in that prestigious theatre conservatoire. In that first audition for East 15 in the UK some...

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Competition divides but Slam Poetry unites

The refurbished shoplot called 22, Hale Street, is a picturesque combination of old and new in Ipoh. The premises, an upcoming heritage gallery and art space, lent a charm to the second edition of the Causeway Exchange (CEX) Slam, a poetry slam competition held between talented wordsmiths representing Singapore and Malaysia. It’s a competition that pits five talented poets from both nations, battling it out through words and sounds, to take home the poetic bragging rights for the year. Malaysia did just that last year when they beat Singapore and took home the share of the spoils by winning both...

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How to discover your inner slam poet in Malaysia?

Are you a poet for the page or the stage? This might seem tricky if you’re still juggling with the “Are you even a poet?” question. But if you could discover the answer to the first question, clarity for your identity might ensue for the next. At least, that’s what I gleaned from the low down with seasoned spoken word poet, Jamal Raslan. His name has been a staple mention since 2010, peppered throughout the scant news articles on the Malaysian spoken word scene. From what I gather in the tight circle of local poets, Jamal is considered an...

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What are Singaporeans stirring up in Ipoh Old Town now?

Feature image credit: CEX This August, a bunch of Singaporeans and their Malaysian kakis are going to cause a ruckus in Ipoh. They are going to paint the town red, blue, green, yellow and more….literally! Not only that, they also plan to create some drama on the streets! Who are these fellas and what’s the hullabaloo about, you say? Well, CausewayEXchange (CEX) 2017, the one and only platform supporting cultural and artistic reciprocity between Singapore and Malaysia, is going to be held in Ipoh from August 24 until August 27. What this means is that, on those dates, you...

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