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Rozella on making music and what it means to be truly beautiful

The Dark Side is not bad if Rozella’s there. Image credit: Joshua Chay  In Malaysia, there are many singer-songwriters and voice over artists. But there are very few who have the vocal and literary flair of Rozella Marie. The United Kingdom born and Kota Kinabalu bred musician is also one of the go to people behind True Complexion, a digital project on transforming people’s perception on the word “beautiful”. What inspired her project was her birthmark on her face which caused her much ridicule and scorn from people. You can read more about it here! (Fun fact: Rozella is...

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What does it take to be Art Battle Malaysia’s champion?

First timer Eidlan Lakhawlez is Art Battle Malaysia #3 winner! All images credit Raj Photography The winner for Art Battle Malaysia #3 is Eidlan Lakhawlez, a first time participant who took on the big guns and won! He faced stiff competition from fellow artists such as Arif Rafhan Othman, Ellie Yong, FayFay XIao Ting, Jerome Liew Chai, Karthine Maniam, Komeil Zarin, Mariyam Shany, Riharu Harun, Shaq Koyok, Elly Nor Suria and Gerald Ong. What was his secret? Is it beginners luck or full on strategy savvy to win the recently held Art Battle Malaysia? Afterall, Eidlan’s win marks the second time a first timer has championed Art Battle Malaysia, since...

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5 reasons to go for Art Battle Malaysia #3

It looks like a full on art-attack this month as Art Battle Malaysia #3 rolls around the corner this October 14, coinciding with the glorious month of Inktober. The daily drawing challenge started by American illustrator, Jake Parker is now a global exercise in inspiration and if you can handle a wee bit more than that, you should check out Art Battle Malaysia, started by our very own Malaysian artist, Ruby Subramaniam. Before bringing this fun-tastic speed drawing competition to home soil, Ruby was herself a participant in Art Battle Brazil back in 2016. She was a solo-travelling wanderer...

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Book Review | Sekolah Bernama Kehidupan by Asmar Shah

This review comes very late; almost a year since I first got hold of the book by courtesy of Rumah Lipur Lara. The delay however, is through no fault of the book, only this reviewer, who lives a nomadic life and has the unfortunate bad habit of leaving things in the multiple abodes she flits to and from and sometimes forgets where some valuables have been stores. Luckily, I recently was able to uncover this precious title “Sekolah Bernama Kehidupan” (School named Life) by Asmar Shah, and upon finished reading, became resolved to write-up this owed review. It’s easy...

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Review | Si Romantik Yang Sudah Mati

When I picked up the book, it was by accident. It was lying on the small table in my husband’s room, looking strangely out of place. Firstly because the cover was a striking pinkish purple hue, featuring the silhouette of a woman’s face; secondly, it was in Malay. After reading the back cover, I found myself digging into the pages, like a schoolgirl in search of that feeling again. You know? That complicated yearning, that brimming fantasy most cogent with the possibility of a potential lover? Some call it romanticism. And it was in the throes of my revisiting...

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