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Singaporean Musician Shares Her Secret To Growing A Fanbase In Boston

Being a musician today is no longer just about having the best musicality. It’s also about learning how to grow a following and nurturing it. Although being good at several different instruments is still a mark of significant talent, having an aptitude for marketing is rising to the fore as an essential skill. This is especially true for many a bedroom pop artist vying for attention on YouTube, Spotify and the various other music streaming platforms there are. The reality is that hiring a manager to take care of the “business” aspect of performing is a luxury few aspiring...

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“I’m No Longer Chasing Recognition, I’m Chasing Stability,” Nadhira Says

How does one keep thriving in the Malaysian music industry to last for close to two decades? With the release of her song, “Kau Selalu Ada feat. B-Heart”, in November 2019, we felt this question could be aptly answered by Nadhira. The singer-songwriter entered the limelight in 2010, when her debut album, “From Malaysia with Love” garnered acclaim. Since then she has released a pop album, “12 shades” and numerous chart toppers on Malaysian radio. The latest, “Kau Selalu Ada feat. B-Heart” is an homage to her Nusantara roots and a teaser to more similarly inspired tracks to come. “‘I wanted...

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An Honest Mistake Enters A New Era As Lead Guitarist Exits

Malaysian pop punk band, An Honest Mistake is bent on making #OneLastMistake this Christmas, before saying goodbye to lead guitarist, Leonard Chua. After more than a decade since they broke out into the Malaysian and eventually international music scene, the pop punk band will also be introducing a new member, Sonny Wan. The band’s senior member, Darren Teh, told Eksentrika that despite Leonard’s departure on the cards since 2018, the group will remain tight-knit. “He’s not going anywhere. He’s just moved on in life. The band was a phase and it was something I had told him about many...

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These Talented Teens Perform Bharatanatyam With Buckets As Drums

Does an underprivileged child have a choice to become a dancer or musician? For Lavanya Selvaratnam, the answer is a resounding yes. As a firm believer in the enhancing powers of the arts, the Bharatanatyam teacher says more people need to realise the important role that artistic influence can have in the lives of youth, especially those from troubled backgrounds. “I myself come from humble beginnings and dance played a significant role to help me overcome many challenges. “Lady luck was not especially on my side but I gained resilience and a fighting spirit through my involvement in dance...

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She Was Disfigured, Divorced And Depressed. Art Became Her Balm.

We recently spent an entire day – a trip from Taiping to Kuala Lumpur, in fact – with artist Tya who shared with us her personal story. It was such a powerful story that we were blown away by her tenacity and spirit. Realising that her story can possibly empower others like her, we obtained her permission to share it with you. In this story, you’ll also come across some methods which Tya utilizes to manage her mental and emotional well-being. Her methods, however, would only work for some of you. More than anything, we encourage seeking support from...

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