Author: Fa Abdul

“Talent is a responsibility,” Malaysian cartoonist Zunar says

All images credit Zunar I first met Zunar last year when I attended his tea party at the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH). Unfortunately, even before the tea party began, Zunar or his full name Zulkiflee SM Anwar Ulhaque, was arrested and his creative works were confiscated. Going and in and out of lock-up has been a norm for this political cartoonist. As if that was not enough, the Malaysian government has also imposed a travel ban on him, preventing Zunar from leaving the country. I have always wondered what makes people like Zunar ever so ready to throw away their freedom...

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OPINION | Cut the “Beauty With a Purpose” crap

Image credit: Pinterest Year after year, we celebrate the annual ceremony, where a line-up of women in stilettos, bikinis and evening gowns with their faces painted, vow to end world hunger and bring world peace, as they wait to be judged based on their physical attributes, by a group of fully clothed professionals and they are watched by a fully clothed audience in a packed hall, while also being telecasted live all around the world. These women will be told to line up, walk with their heads held up, smile and get scored on how they look. They will be assigned a number,...

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POETRY | Kizmet by Fa Abdul

Love Life Death What do they have in common? If love is nothing If life slips away into the next room And death…does not count What is left between the hazy sky And the rocky earth? If everything remains exactly as it was If you remained you, And I am me, Whatever I am to you We are still Would we live so fondly? If life is untouched Unchanged If we remain still Similar tone of sorrow Same old tune of joy Old familiar hope and dream Would there still be Laughter And smile? When life becomes absolute Nothing...

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