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From money to connections, here’s why good Malaysian music is not on air

Malaysian band Nadir performs in China. Spotify didn’t kill the radio star…you did. Yes, you – the all powerful consumer with the buying power and limited attention span. Our behaviour as individuals may seem insignificant but when all of us act in similar fashion, as a collective, we call the shots. In this 2nd edition of a 3-part series, Eksentrika sheds light on the challenges faced by Malaysian musicians attempting at fame and fortune in the national arena. This picks up from our initial story, which explored some of the reasons and oft repeated folklore that may have contributed...

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SAJAK | Berubahlah oleh M. Mahendran

Image by sweetmeatone from Pixabay Kita masih bertelingkah tanpa sebab tatkala kucing dan anjing bermanja-manjaan ke manakah arah tuju kita wahai manusia? sejak zaman purba manusia kekal berperangai seakan dinasor dinasor sudah ditelan zaman manusia masih menjadi pelahap Mereka sudah berubah wahai manusia mereka telah berubah kucing dan anjing singa dan burung kucing dan tikus kera dan angsa malah si ibu anjing tidak kira siapa anaknya… dia bisa boleh menyusui seekor anak kera Wahai manusia bukalah matamu bukalah hatimu hidup kita sedetik cuma di atas bumi yang berusia berjuta-juta tahun lamanya berubahlah. Mahendran mula aktif menulis cerpen Bahasa Malaysia...

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SHORT STORY | The Wondrous Science of Bees by Aizuddin H. Anuar

Image by Prawny from Pixabay I was sitting down with L, listening to an interview recording together. We were looking for glimmers of honesty from the respondent’s tone of voice, inconsistent statements, subtle and fleeting moments of tentativeness. The night before, we had both listened to the recording separately, and today we were in analysis, searching for something that might or might not be there. There isn’t an exact science to this, L admitted once in exasperation, before diving back in to speculate. I smiled, quietly agreeing, though I was thinking of ‘this’ in terms of life more broadly,...

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Are Malaysian bands really not good enough to be on the radio?

Suiko Takahara of The Venopian Solitude. Image by Urbanscapes. It’s probably a safe bet to say, most Malaysians have at least one friend or relative, who is a remarkably talented musician. Yet, despite the many standing ovations at their live shows and countless virtual “thumbs ups”, it seems as if we’ve hardly, if ever, heard them on the radio. This phenomenon appears to be commonplace especially in the English music scene. Why? Is there a conspiracy behind the local radio business that purposefully and selectively airs omputih pop songs on repeat while shunning our native performers? Eksentrika attempts to lay bare...

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POETRY | Maiden Of The Woods by Afiq Abruzzi

Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash Lay the fiery stars in my darkest thoughts, Maiden in six sink beneath this hollow void, Live though, unsung, as tears unshed, This hallowed melody for the undead, Cometh above unto me, this holy lullaby, I shall not cry, thou shall not die. Remember, remember, the sky of red September, The soul of yesterday, forbearing with forever, This epitaph undo each and every moment undone, Sacrosanct is sanctioning the maggots of our mind, Silence, as the wind whisper lies of midnightmare dream, This chain tragedy is shackling our voice, your scream. The higher fire, desire to...

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