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POETRY | An Ode To Vitiligo by Reshma Clare Stanislaus

Cover image credit Ash Soto. >> Brown, white, speckled, polka-dotty, Unpredictable and altogether spotty, Attempting a cure might drive one batty, In some folks leading to social anxiety. >> Regarding this condition,there are two main sub-types, On the body, appearing on either one or both sides, Segmental vs non-segmental, if you’re feeling specific, The symmetrical sort, most common and prolific. >> The cause is unclear, ill-defined and uncertain, Said to be due to an auto-immune reaction, May also be influenced by genetic origin, Injury or stress; a mind-body connection. >> Those who have it are not contagious, It’s harmless,...

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Rhb Group To Exhibit 100 Artworks From These Lucky Artists

Artworks by Wong Ming Hao (left) and Muslim Mattajim (right) Malaysian artists could certainly use any form of support, be it financially or through exposure to showcase their works to the masses. Luckily for these 27 young and upcoming artists, they’re getting both thanks to RHB Banking Group. >> >> Malaysia’s fourth largest financial services group is set to display some 100 artworks created by these talented artists from June 24 to 30 and it’ll center on the theme of “Diversity & Inclusivity” according to the press release sent out. >> >> Dubbed the Art With Heart (AWH) 2019 the third...

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SAJAK | Politikus oleh M. Mahendran

Image by Thomas Skirde from Pixabay Parti-parti politik sudah tumbuh bagaikan cendawan pabila ada kemungkaran di suatu pihak parti politik yang lama akan jadi bahru dengan nama-nama yang perkasakan bangsa dan negara dengan tujuan perbetulkan sistem … politikus-politikus lama yang sudah diperbahrui menjanjikan itu dan ini menghiburkan hati rakyat yang sedang lara di bumi indah. Mahendran mula aktif menulis cerpen Bahasa Malaysia dan Bahasa Tamil untuk akhbar dan majalah pada tahun 1987. Karya beliau mendapat pengiktirafan menerusi Hadiah Cerpen Maybank-DBP (1988, 1991) dan Hadiah Cerpen Pelbagai Kaum DBP ( 2003). Cerpen-cerpen Mahendran termuat di dalam antologi cerpen Menara (1988), Menara 4 (1991), Tanpa Mengira Warna(1993), Vanakam (2002) dan Segugus Aksara Sealur...

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ESEI | Haiwan-haiwan Di Sepanjang Jalanku oleh Jauhar Senapi

Image by 【中文ID】愚木混株 【ins-ID】cdd20 from Pixabay Jalan Bangsar sarat dengan kenderaan ketika saya baru turun dari jejantas berhampiran Apartmen Putra Ria. Jam baru tujuh setengah pagi. Saya berhenti seketika di pondok bas, menunduk dan mengemaskan ikatan tali kasut. Rapid KL sampai. Pintu terbuka dan pekerja-pekerja yang setia menunggu pantas naik ke perut bas. Seekor kucing mengiau dan saya menoleh ke arahnya. Kucing berwarna oren dan putih. Berdasarkan rupanya dia sudah tua. Kucing itu menghampiri saya, menggesel-geselkan kepalanya ke kaki saya. Saya agak dia lapar. Ia kucing betina dengan wajah monyok, seakan Grumpy Cat yang terkenal tu. Kemudian saya terfikir...

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Theatresauce’s ‘dust’ aims to make viewers reflect and question death

All images courtesy of Theatresauce After two successful seasons of published plays, urban collective Theatresauce marks a pivotal turning point by presenting its first full-length devised production since the company’s inception in 2016. Conceptualized and helmed by Esther Liew from last year’s inaugural Emerging Directors Lab, this original venture will play in Five Arts Centre’s black box, KOTAK. dust is an inmate, multi-lingual exploration of mortality, and how different people deal with it. It is conceived through the stories, dreams and imaginations of five performers who have been deeply impacted by experiences and questions about death, grief, and ultimately,...

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