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Here Are The Ads That Perfectly Captured The Spirit Of Deepavali

Deepavali is coming soon, signaling a time to look out for heartwarming festive ads in Malaysia. It’s a unique national pastime, which almost qualifies as a tradition on its own; where every Malaysian seeks out the brand advertisements that evoke the most feels. Petronas ads have become synonymous with that special feeling and many like to attribute it to the late Yasmin Ahmad, who was known for the style of her quirky yet charming way of story-telling. These days, most of the big brands, from TNB to Touch N Go, have taken advantage of this Malaysian interest in ads to...

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POETRY | Ring Ring by Thanusya Shanmuganathan

Image by ijmaki from Pixabay Ring ring goes my cell phone blink blink goes its lights. > My cell phone my life My object of civilization. > In times of need it is my companion in times of sorrow it is my saviour. > It comes with me anywhere, anytime the supermarket the kitchen the toilet yes, everywhere! it is right there with me. > I write stories with it I type messages with it I watch movies on it I listen to music on it I read books on it in short, no task is complete with it....

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The 10 Most Common Employees You’ll Meet In A Malaysian Office

Written by Terence Toh. All images by KuLT Productions. Why do they call the office the ‘corporate jungle’? It’s because it’s full of strange animals. And if you want to survive the highs and lows of the corporate life, you need to know all about each of them. Which you can do, with this handy-dandy guide, as prepared by the people behind The Working Dead musical! (Note: this article is much improved if read aloud in a David Attenborough style voice) 1. DISGRUNTLED DANNY It seems that Disgruntled Danny’s Number One hobby is complaining, because that is all he...

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SHORT STORY | The Chicken by Dashiny Muniandy

Photo by Kazi Faiz Ahmed Jeem on Unsplash My grandma is dead today. It is the day I saw my dad broke down into tears for the first time. Everyone’s eyes were swollen from the profuse waterworks. Visitors paid their last respect by placing flower garlands on her. Grandma’s favourite grandchildren surrounded the casket as they wept with sorrow. And there I was in the corner, gazing at the dimly lit blue living room,  watching the people encircling the casket adorned with colourful flowers, as if it were the most popular exhibit at a museum. Everyone glared at me as if I...

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POETRY | An Ode To Vitiligo by Reshma Clare Stanislaus

Cover image credit Ash Soto. >> Brown, white, speckled, polka-dotty, Unpredictable and altogether spotty, Attempting a cure might drive one batty, In some folks leading to social anxiety. >> Regarding this condition,there are two main sub-types, On the body, appearing on either one or both sides, Segmental vs non-segmental, if you’re feeling specific, The symmetrical sort, most common and prolific. >> The cause is unclear, ill-defined and uncertain, Said to be due to an auto-immune reaction, May also be influenced by genetic origin, Injury or stress; a mind-body connection. >> Those who have it are not contagious, It’s harmless,...

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