Author: Christine Chu

POETRY | Birthday by Christine Chu

Balloons line the wall of a room dimly lit by a flickering light, under which a table stands. In the corner of the room rests a silent telephone; on the table, a feast is served: four fried eggs, a three-bean salad, two large fried fish fillets and a birthday cake a chocolate cake with twelve candles unlit. At the table, a girl sits with three other empty seats and the makings of a broken heart, awaiting guests who may never come. *** Header image by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash Hey guys, we’re looking for more short stories, poems and essays. If you’ve...

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SHORT STORY | A Pregnancy Test by Christine Chu

The bus ride back to campus was a quiet one. It was six in the evening, but the sky had already darkened, glowing deep red through the pregnant clouds, till it seemed to be almost nightfall. Yi Xin looked away from the window to the sleeping figure beside her. Ming Shern sat slouched in his seat, his head falling forward. His faint snore was barely audible over the grumbling overcast outside; it was only when she felt his tensed muscles relax that she knew he was asleep. After the suspenseful visit to his hometown with two long-haul bus trips,...

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