Author: Charmaine Sze

Reality is not as it seems in DUALITY

All images credit Charmaine Sze Entering the PAM (Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia) Centre for the first time, and at night, was quite an eerie experience. Maybe it was the lighting – or the lack of it – that the team prepped to set the tone for the piece. A spooky entrance of a veiled lady carrying a single lighted candle walking across the ground floor and up the stairs signified the start of Duality; an immersive experimental theatre and beckoned spectators to follow her on an exploration throughout the building. We were all pretty hesitant, even puzzled, at first and...

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More music as the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra turns 20!

All images credit Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) Classical music is commonly viewed as elitist or reserved for people of an older age. Thus, it comes as no surprise that young people might dismiss the idea of experiencing this form of music. Enter the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO), a group of top-notch musicians from more than 20 nations of different cultures with the aim to put together “Music that Moves You”. Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018, MPO was formed after its first performance at Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS (DFP) on 17th August 1998. In preparation for this momentous commemoration, MPO had...

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Kenduri Kendara, not your ordinary theatre piece but still relatable

All images credit Pang Khee Teik  As you enter Makespace at Quill City Mall, you’ll soon realize that director Azzad Mahdzir’s Kenduri Kendara, commissioned by Sisters in Islam, isn’t your ordinary theatre piece. For starters, it felt like I was entering into someone’s home. I almost tiptoed and was consciously walking slower because I felt like I was intruding. However, that feeling soon disappeared as I received a warm invitation from the crew to join some other guests in the “wait room” for the first of three parts in Kenduri Kendara, Suap – a ceremony of feeding one another....

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Shedding light on the plight of the Orang Asli through films

All images credit Charmaine Sze As I entered the dimly lit hall, it was as if I was walking into the dark truth on the future of the indigenous people of Malaysia. Members of the audience spoke in hushed voices as the esteemed panel of film directors answered questions on challenges they faced fighting for the rights of the local indigenous people of their respective communities. As an orang asli himself, Shafie Dris directed Abai, a film about the day-to-day lives of orang asli and how much of their lifestyle is reliant on land and on the environment. As...

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Why DUALITY by the VSC Project is a theatre piece like no other?

All images credit Samuel Goh Are you tired of watching movies with trailers that give everything away? Looking for something interesting to do in KL? Trying to find yourself? If you answered yes to at least one of the questions, this just might be something for you. Recent happenings around the world have triggered a series of questions that our society might otherwise not talk about because they’re known to be hush-hush topics. We’re talking about things that you might not even discuss with yourself in your diary. Revolving around the themes of gender, DUALITY by the VSC Project is an...

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