Author: Charles Chiam

Want a popular virtual superstar to sing your songs? This guy did it!

Perhaps you are a songwriter who wants to get your music out but can’t bring yourself to perform it yourself? Traditionally, you would have to get someone else perform your music but what if you didn’t need to. What if you could do it on your own without having to collaborate with anyone at all? What if that moment is already here? Enter “vocaloids”- the precise answer to all those “What ifs”. The voice synthesizing program by Yamaha Corporation combines real human vocals with the use of androids to sing your tunes for you. It lets you put a voice to your songs...

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Norman Sanzo, the M’sian who runs a weekly podcast on My Little Pony

All images credit Norman Sanzo In the era of smartphones, tuning in to podcasts has become a common activity that do besides listening to the radio when they’re driving or during their lunch breaks at work. Podcasts are episodic series (some 30 minutes to an hour long) of digital audio or video files that a user can subscribe and listen to online or via download. But what does it take to run a podcast channel? Meet Norman Sanzo, a 30-year-old freelance photographer from Johor Bahru who is a Brony – an adult fan of the show My Little Pony:...

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The rise of maid cafés in Malaysia and why it’s actually kinda cool

All images credit KING ANGEL Fancy being served by waiters and waitresses dressed in cute glittery anime-esque maid costumes and butler uniforms for a change? Turns out, maid cafés are a type of cosplay restaurants where its staff play the role of servants who treat customers as their masters (and mistresses) rather than as café patrons. This literally takes the phrase ‘customer is king’ to a whole different level! Originating in Japan, this subculture has spread throughout the world and is gradually gaining popularity amongst the Malaysian ACG (Anime, Comic, Games) community. “I think it’s because of the services....

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Meet the lass behind Malaysia’s J-Rock band, The CrestFall Band

All images credit Jasmine Minori Meet 27-year-old Ng Swee Yin, aka Jasmine Minori of Malaysian J-rock band, The CrestFall Band. This KL-born financial analyst has been doing music since the age of 6, and is wowing her audiences with her talents in Japanese, Chinese and English vocals through multiple musical instruments. Starting off with the piano, and then the Chinese harp (23 strings zither) when she was 10, she eventually expanded her skill set to include the electric guitar, keyboard and ukulele. “I started performing music on stage by accepting various jobs in Japanese related events, corporate gigs and...

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This 19-year-old cosplayer not only arts but has written a 450 paged novel!

All images by Ning Yasmin For many video games serve as a respite from their mundane lives. Others compete in video game competitions. But not Ning Yasmin Abdul Rahim aka Lucidity. The 19-year-old lass got into drawing fanart thanks to a now defunct online game called Club Penguin. For those who don’t know, Club Penguin was an online game where players can interact with other players, doing activities like hold parties, play mini games, dress up and decorate. “I faintly remember drawing a mall of anthropomorphic dogs where windows were on the floor. I even had a whole comic...

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