Author: Avery De Witt

POETRY | Like They Do In The Movies by Avery De Witt

I want to kiss you Like they do in the movies Full of anguish and yearning Yet sweet and slow I want the taste of you Left on my tongue Long after it’s over I want to feel Love and sentiment Dripping and smothered Between two different worlds And two different minds I want to see Light clouds From warm breaths With my eyes half-closed I want our arms Wrapped around each other My fingers tracing The fine hairs At the nape of your neck *** Cover art by Yulia Khlebnikova on Unsplash. We’re looking for more short stories,...

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POETRY | I Dedicate This Playlist To You by Avery De Witt

What would I give What would I sacrifice To re-live that night We spent together Talking Touching Falling When only silence escaped my lips My heart was already wound to yours As you poured yours out Through indescribable harmony On your four-stringed, beat-up instrument My every thought Every excitement Every hour My muse One I never knew I needed in so many years *** Cover art by Mariah Ashby on Unsplash  We’re looking for more short stories, poems and essays. If you’ve got some and aren’t shy to share it with the world, please drop us an email at Oh,...

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