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Antares catches Kee Thuan Chye’s epic Swordfish + Concubine As long as I’ve known journalist turned actor-playwright- author-director Kee Thuan Chye – and our friendship dates back more than three decades (including almost a decade when he “unfriended” me for bashing his 1992 staging of that infamous Scottish play) – he has struck me as a clear-headed, straight-talking sharpshooter who enjoys taking aim at all that’s mediocre, unjust and tyrannical. Whether through the written, spoken or dramatized word, Kee rarely beats about the bush. This makes his voice as a public intellectual good medicine for the national soul, even...

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SHORT STORY | Conversation at a Tea Stall

Apotheosis Of Gurdjieff And Ouspensky by Joe Michelli Around midnight we were cruising down Imbi Road, headed for my usual tea stall. The roti pan was still sizzling but empty and the small heap of unsold nasi lemak indicated that we had arrived ahead of the late night movie crowd. “What will you have?” I positioned myself where I could keep an eye on the street life. The man came over with a damp rag to wipe the tea rings off our table. “Boss, teh tarik dua, kurang manis.” I ordered two teas with sweet milk, pulled to aerate...

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The Morality Questionnaire

Image credit: The Spectator [A sociology student posted me these questions as a reaction to attempts by quasi-religious agencies like JAWI, the Federal Territory Religious Department, to enforce public morality by brute force.] 1. What are your views on the current morality of our Malaysian citizens and why do you think this is the case? Morality comes from the word “more” meaning “social custom.” As such, each society will have its own culturally specific, and ethno-specific, preferences and traditions. None of these traditional social customs is immutable, that is, social mores change with changing economic, educational, and technological conditions....

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GOD & RELIGION ~ From Confusion to Fusion

Image edited from “DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD?” I get asked this question quite often. But it isn’t very often that the enquirer has the patience or the time to stay around for my response, which involves deconstructing the unquestioned assumptions of conceptual semantics. As far as I know nobody has ever come up with a definition of “God” acceptable to all. The notion that the physical universe was created by an all-knowing, all-powerful, ubiquitously existing Maker is fairly common, especially among the more conservative, more traditional – and therefore less adventurous – thinkers. When I gaze upon any...

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Dreaming the body beautiful at the Royal Durian Academy of Ballet

As a hardcore and unrepentant goddess-lover, I am bound to be biased about any project involving Nell Ng. In any case I’ve never subscribed to the belief that objectivity serves better than subjectivity, especially when it comes to expressing an opinion or viewpoint. After all, how we experience an event is largely determined by the general state of mind we happen to be in – even what we had for breakfast. Well, on the 5th of October, my digestion could only handle a breakfast of cream crackers soaked in condensed “milk” – no thanks to the “fresh” pineapple juice...

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