Author: Amelin Bhullar

T4YP – Family sheds light on that big giant elephant in every household

All images courtesy of Sha from The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre Glancing through the Facebook page of Theatre for Young People’s (T4YP) latest production ‘Family’ had me let out a long groan in the midst of confusion. Here is T4YP, a theatre programme known for its tough auditions, gruelling acting classes and superb productions after a four-month course working with the best mentors in town… Yet, there it is a picture of bubbly, happy actors on a family tree on their cast poster, with nothing new and gutsy to offer? Unimpressed, I imagined an evening of watching a...

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Fame the Musical: Finger snapping and feet tapping good!

Images by Dennis Lee “Big show,” I said to my editor while looking at the list of cast and team members, feeling slightly intimidated about having to write about a musical for the first time. ‘Fame’ The Musical was originally conceived by David De Silva based on a book by Jose Fernandez in the 1980’s. This time, it is directed by Dominic Luk, co-founder of Monday Show Entertainment, and is currently running at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac). Based on an adapted version of the musical, Monday Show Entertainment collaborated with The Actors Studio Seni Teater Rakyat...

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The Retreat – A New Whodunit Play promises boldness in theatre

All images credit: I’M Entertainment If you are anything like me, reading that title in my head really had me believing that ‘A New Whodunit Play’ meant that it was a new play by a production company called ‘Whodunit’. If you are not anything like me, great. Because you would then know that ‘Whodunit’ is obviously a term to describe a movie (or in the case of The Retreat, a show) that leaves you guessing – in proper grammar – ‘who did it?’ from the get go, only to be pulled into a spiral of plot twists and crude...

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Why is battling through art and not bombs the best way?

  Imagine a world where political differences are settled through an art battle. Well, there is such an event which has gained prominence worldwide and now has become a yearly affair in Malaysia. Art Battle Malaysia started off when organiser Ruby Subramaniam fell in love with the event when she attended it in Brazil. She knew right away that she had to bring it back home. Unlike last year when the event was held at Publika Shopping Gallery, the second Art Battle Malaysia event was held at Inti College Subang Jaya, in conjuction with the Inti Fresh carnival-themed weekend, catering to...

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When stories of refugees are shared through food and the arts

I tried bakhlava for the first time. I have heard about it in movies and youtube videos so when it was actually placed in my hand for the first time for me to munch on, the curious mental and physical distance between I and this ‘oh so mysterious Arabian food I keep hearing about but have never googled’ vanished. Almost like it was one of the few things I did not have to actively seek out for in my jungle of space and time (fancy words to describe life). Given to me just like that, which was nice. For...

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