Author: Aad

POETRY | The Road, The Riddle by Aad

I have the mist of the dawn in my mind The things I see are few With my fingers, Through grey darkness I feel my long way through No clue about the route But the lighthouse which my conscience follows It burns right, a welcoming sun, a forever-telling sign I keep from the world my clumsiness Well hidden, just like me With that secret, My mask created, I came exactly to be What others want to see But the moonlight which pierces through my facade It justly paints my gracelessness To the world, it’s my worst I listen to...

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POETRY | Strangers by Aad

Particular strangers, you’re no stranger to me Stranger, strange – you’re what I set out to see I’d beg from a stranger for a fraction of space for me, I am the refugee; I’d take from strangers the talk they would waste on me, short for uncertainty Not any stranger, but the most peculiar The most distant one I see is closest to me So I’ll keep you a stranger Not as a friend Since friends become strangers when our curiousness ends But not you, stranger, not you in particular Even if you’ve gone somewhere new my heart unwillingly...

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