Just as diverse as Malaysia, the artworks which we received and were selected were unique in their own ways.

We’ve had doodles done on shoes, a page from an upcoming local comic book, portraits, digital paintings and more!

Scroll to check em all out!

It took Anna Solehah quite some time to get her doodle shoes done using permanent markers!

When aliens dance by Tee Arts!

Adam being “meh” about his creations. A tongue in cheek artwork by Encik Blackape aka @tjben who just began his foray with the arts six-months ago!

The Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones by Khalid Erku Kegg!

Artsick Vortigern‘s artwork for a local band! We wonder who it is for 🙂

Adi Antistatik‘s artwork is based off a famous Thai love song.

DuoExposure, a water colour sketch on Orkid Noorhayati‘s sketchbook.

Koo Williams‘ 14-year-old student painted this amazing artwork of a knight! Amazing right?? Check out Strawberry Art Studio!

Riharu Harun‘s Merdeka 2017 illustration (it’s still a work in progress).

Erique-KiddoArt‘s personal project delves into the elements of nature. Here is the first in the series; Earth. The rest of the elements can be viewed here.

Nat Geo Life by Chuppy Lim!

Malaysia will be turning 60 this month! Artwork by Mohd Agg.

Agung Ramadhan’s rendition of the Daredevil!

Pooja Verma‘s artwork for Krishna’s birthday.

A self-portrait by Fahmon Fiveroses hahaha!

Fadzwan Wan‘s pencil colour art is sure to bring a smile on your face 🙂

Titled 槟城一回教堂,表现 (A Mosque in Penang) CH John‘s expression piece was created using mixed media on an aquarelbloc!

Anahata by Charissa Adeline. “The heart is a garden. 12 points/petals representing the divine qualities of the heart.

Brian Tai‘s Pulau Ketam. Watercolour on paper.

The myriad of thoughts that runs through the head of the modern woman by Sarah Salim!

Someone should frame this artwork of Mr Bean by Nik Zarina.

A page from Vomit Thunder‘s spooky comic, Closer to Black”.

“Do you know that public phones actually ring? The first time I heard one ringing, it frightened me,” Apis says.

A nature inspired maiden by Ilianamelukis!

Realism of “Mountain Dew” is an amazing piece of art created by Sivabalan Arumugam using charcoal and pencil!

This post will not be complete without Eksentrika’s Art of the Month for August 2017.

And guess who received the most number of votes for August? It’s Hue Jia Yung‘s amazing surrealistic artwork!

Jia Yung is an extremely shy guy and rarely uploads his artworks onto social media.

“Mostly because I procrastinate one piece for who-knows-how-long. Got this done recently, broke the gold pen at various points of working on this piece,” he says. Well Jia Yung, it’s time you should upload more!

Congratulations to all the artists – many of the artists above are members of the fast growing online art group; Doodle Malaysia – Do you doodle? Facebook group!

The winning artworks of all the 12-months will stand a chance to compete to become Eksentrika’s Art of the Year 2017. The winning artist will then receive a special surprise from us! Check out the previous art of the month here!

Interested to participate? Submit your best artwork to editors@eksentrika.com with the header “Art of the Month (enter month) 2017”. Do add short detail about the artwork such as the medium used and what inspired you to create it. Oh, please do include a link to your Instagram or Facebook page! Each artist can only submit one artwork per-month.