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We are all of us artists.

Some of us know how to channel it into a living and some of us are still struggling. But all of us need inspiration and encouragement from time to time.

This is what Eksentrika is all about. A website with your stories and for people like you.


Image by S. Magen
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Rathimalar Govindarajoo and January Low redefined what it is to be a dancer, mother and woman in their story. Image credit: S. Magen. 


Whether you are a writer, illustrator, musician, thespian, chef or all of the above, we know you have an amazing story to share and we want to do just that.

With these stories of struggle and achievement in the local art scene, we believe it can help give you a better perspective, ideas to channel your artistry, encourage your efforts and keep the fire burning for your passions. In other words Fuel Your Genius.

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Nadir impressed us by turning rock bottom into rock fusion music and other rad sounds. Image credit: Nadir. 

Since launching on September 30, 2016, actually, months before that when we started approaching people for interviews, I’ve been blown away by the very many, amazing talents there are. Truly extraordinary folk, who should be celebrated for believing in themselves, believing in art and inadvertently helping to pave the way for others to follow suit.

One of the reasons we started Eksentrika is that we feel strongly, it’s time to give Art a chance.
It’s not always pretty but it definitely reaches inside you to depths that I assure you, is good for the soul, even if you don’t believe in such things.

Image credit Wong Horng Yih
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The Royal Durian Ballet Academy showed us what it means to defy odds and love the body by staging a concert by adult ballet learners. Image credit: Wong Horng Yih.   

Deep enough to make you ponder, make you wonder, perhaps even spark a flame that makes you try your hand at art yourself.

And why not, since you too, can write, draw, paint or sing. You too can dance, cook or sew, better than most people even if all you’ve done with it so far, is by yourself, hidden in a back room somewhere.

MYWriters President Gina Yap with the society's secretary, Tina Isaacs. Image credit: Gina Yap
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MYWriters President Gina Yap Lai Yoong and the society’s secretary, Tina Isaacs inspired us with their personal stories.  Image credit: Gina Yap.

So this website is a chance for you to show it off, or share the warmth that art brings you, with kindred spirits.

With that, of course, comes adulation and also criticism. I know many fear the latter to the extent they let their talents wilt away in a forgotten place.

But even criticism, can be deconstructed and reconstructed to become fuel.

What you do with that fuel, whether used to set the glow that hones your stuff or consumes you in a razing fire, is in your hands.

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Ruby Subramaniam shared with us an honest account of her journey discovering herself as an artist.

Eksentrika is not without its naysayers and we have heard our fair share of criticism when we first mooted the idea of starting this website.

I must admit, I too was filled with anxiety and doubt about how we were going to pull it off, with a baby perpetually stuck to my boobs and Sukhbir spending more than 18 hours at work or on the commute to and from it.

In the end, though, I’m glad we didn’t let all of that derail our focus and that we forged on to make our vision come true.

sanuri doodles
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Sanuri Zulkefli gave us a glimpse into his heart, mind and soul writing about his live doodling experience for Contenglah! by Doodle Malaysia. image credit: Allie Hill.

It has only been a week or so, but already we’re feeling all the good vibes.

Of course, we have much to improve and we definitely are open to any tips or suggestions we can get to make Eksentrika a great experience for all.

So once again I welcome you to join us, to nurture and support Malaysian creatives for the growth of all.

I believe it will be a psycheledelic trip that will reveal what we can bring out of ourself when we give art a chance.

Got something to say for Eksentrika to be like a superstar leaping through the skies? Let us hear it at