After a week of voting process on our Instagram page, our readers have finally decided.

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s Eksentrika’s Art of the Year 2017!

Garnering a whopping 570 votes, Ivan Alexander Francis‘ artwork was of the black rhino, an endangered species.

“I was always fascinated by rhinos. And it literally broke me when I found out that there aren’t that many left in Malaysia.

“When I heard about the rhino in Malaysia that was ill and found out that there are only three Malaysian rhinos left, it gave me the drive I needed to complete it” Ivan who is a teacher and a performing artist says.

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Delicately crafted using ink pen and charcoal, Ivan did weeks of research and it took him three-weeks to complete this masterpiece.

Ivan was the only artist among the nominees who had two of his artworks selected for Eksentrika’s Art of the Month.

The previous one was an ink work of a kid atop a dinosaur for the month of July, 2017. You can view more of his artworks on his Instagram page!

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We at Eksentrika would love to wish Ivan congratulations!

To the rest of the artists, you guys rocked too for making 2017 colourful! Here’s a link to view all of Eksentrika’s Art of the Day for 2017.

Much of these artworks were selected by us from the Doodle Malaysia – Do you doodle? Facebook group  while some were submitted to us.

These were part of Eksentrika’s Art of the Day which we regularly featured on our Facebook and Instagram pages on a daily basis.

The artworks which garnered the most number of likes emerged as Eksentrika’s Art of the Month.

For 2018, we hope to hold an exhibition in January 2019 of all of Eksentrika’s Art of the Day with the aim of hopefully getting them sold (with full profit going to the artist).

Eksentrika’s Art of the Day for 2018 commences tomorrow! So send us your best artwork at Once it is uploaded on our Facebook and Instagram page, share it and get your friends to like them!