It’s been a year since we’ve been organising Eksentrika’s Art of the Day.

Just like the previous months, January 2018 began with a nice colourful start!

From flowers to pop culture references to mermaids, here are some of the best artworks that were submitted to us with some we hand picked ourselves from the Doodle Malaysia – Do you doodle? Facebook group.

The Nobody’s Gallery created this lovely artwork of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince.

Shazlin Jalil has a lovely habit of painting bouquet of flowers she receives.

Lovin the simplicity in Azlan Ahmad‘s wild boar.

The Manipura aka the Solar Plexus chakra by Charissa Adeline!

Megat Harris‘s artwork on Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.

A manga inspired poster for Theatresauce‘s upcoming production, The Bee by Hideki Noda & Colin Teevan. Artwork by John Tham Nam San!

A painting of Sitarey, Eksentrika’s CEO (Cute Engaging Organism) by one of our editors, Ista Kyra.

A gorgeous artwork by a young boy from GoodKids Malaysia.

Jack of Diamonds by Blackgothique!

Aaron C Designs‘ doodled these lovely fractals on a cute pink ukulele!

Ink on paper artwork of a man stealing this angry T-Rex’s eggs by Wan Mohammad Faisal.

Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn by Raveena Mei L!

Gorgeous painted wreaths by Shazlin Jalil!

“Shield” by Wy Vinz 歪兔

Adrian Tan‘s quirky artwork of a mermaid getting her coffee!

Paint markers on cardboards by Fasrulisham Ramly!

Fan art of “Lu Over the Wall” by Roezell Art

Ink on paper art by Muhammad Ridzuan.

Ultraman by Fadzwan Wan done using colour pencils!

And ofcourse, how can we not forget Eksentrika’s Art of the Month for January 2018.

Created painstakingly through colour pencils, it was no surprise when Fadzwan Wan‘s “Kedai Nyonya” was voted the most number of times by our readers.

Just look at the amount of detail put in!

Congratulations to all the artists – many of the artists above are members of the fast growing online art group; Doodle Malaysia – Do you doodle? Facebook group!

The winning artworks of all the 12-months will stand a chance to compete to become Eksentrika’s Art of the Year 2018. The winning artist will then receive a special surprise from us! Check out the previous art of the months here!

Wanna be part of Eksentrika’s Art of the Year 2018?? Send us an email with your artwork along with the header, “Eksentrika Art of the Day” to