Yes, yes we know we’re a tad late but good art must still be celebrated!

Last February’s treasure trove of art are timeless because a couple of them immortalised important events such as the release of Marvel’s Black Panther, Fahmi Reza’s defiance and Weinye Chen successfully schooling a corporate outfit on the dangers of plagiarising artists’ work.

February 2018 was no doubt a memorable month for artists! (Apologies for the delay in posting this post, we’ve been busy with work, parenthood and more work!)

274 days to Weili Wonka‘s favorite time of the year!

Ivy Tay caught the CNY bug!

Turn your phone upside down to see YinkHeay Art Space‘s art from a different perspective!

Skull Mandala by Glen B. Quilat.

Do they look alike? Artwork by Aida Zulkiffly.

Celine Chan‘s artwork on an extremely famous anime.

A beautiful mandala by Emily Wee’s Art!

A glorious eagle by Jehan Abdul Aziz!

Seaedge Val celebrated Chinese New Year through this beautiful artwork.

An unapproved rough sketch for the festive season by Adrian Tan. Reality hits home!

Despite being sentenced to a month in jail and fined RM30,000, there’s no stopping Fahmi Reza from protesting through his artworks.

A totally amazing digital portrait by KATZE.

Jong Wik‘s masterful 3D art!

A surreal piece by The Art of Rizal Paperbag Head.

T’challa, King of Wakanda by The Art of Wallace Destiny.

Yayy! It’s Weinye will be compensated by Domino’s Pizza for plagiarising her comic.

And ofcourse, this post will not be complete without us introducing to February 2018’s art of the month.

Dedicated to all lovers, this artwork by Eugene Nandakumar was created using color pencils!

Congratulations to all the artists – many of the artists above are members of the fast growing online art group; Doodle Malaysia – Do you doodle? Facebook group!

The winning artworks of all the 12-months will stand a chance to compete to become Eksentrika’s Art of the Year 2018. The winning artist will then receive a special surprise from us! Check out the previous art of the months here!

Wanna be part of Eksentrika’s Art of the Year 2018?? Send us an email with your artwork along with the header, “Eksentrika Art of the Day” to