From Chinese New Year to Valentine’s, there were artworks for almost every occasion in February. Much of these artworks were submitted to us personally and many were picked with permission from the Doodle Malaysia – Do you doodle? Facebook group!

The selected artworks were uploaded on our Facebook page on a daily basis under the ‘Art of the Day’ section. Here you go, the best artworks that piqued our interest for February!

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Erique-KiddoArt infuses quirkiness with cuteness. Erique hopes to work at Pixar Animation Studios someday.

This visually stunning image is part of Ruby Subramaniam‘s ongoing project titled, “This Body is Mine” which aims to address the social stigma on women’s attire. Image credit: Vicknes Ideal Photography Studio – V.I.P Studio

Titled “Keep swimming”, this spontaneous piece of artwork was created by 81-year-old May, Cheryn Chin‘s grandma!

At one glance, Gerald Chong‘s painting appears almost like a photo! It also looks slightly creepy and that is what we love most about it!

Emily Wee considers art as a labor of love, expression of her magic, and vibration of her life.

Sharon Kow specialises in creating realistic artworks by just using color pencils.

Hapii doodle 哈比族 celebrated Thaipusam in a cheeky but extremely cute way.

Aileen Lee gives us an entirely unique perspective on breakfast.

Fahmon Fiveroses‘ colorful koi were visual treats!

There is something mysteriously calming about Jeffersonism‘s artwork.

Having spent a significant number of years in Japan, Karen Nunis Blackstone often incorporates elements of Japanese sensibilities into her work.

Andy Adlin, is a 24 year old Artist/Architect. whose artworks take on many range from pen and ink to pencil, to acrylic paintings.

Weinye provided us a hilarious take on Valentine’s Day.

A glorious unicorn by Harmini Asokumar.

Serving as reflection of one of Aj Art‘s Expeditions (Across South East Asia), Vietnam, the artist calls this series the “Red River Stories”.

“Sometimes an artwork doesn’t need to be perfect. Let your imagination do the rest to make it perfect!” Rozlam Lam says.

“I’m a peacock, you gotta let me fly!” Adi Antistatik says.

This is Cat Brogan‘s first oil painting. The talented poet is set to hold Nosegay 3 on March 31!

Shika Khunz Corona drew this to immortalise Shameera Krishnan who was gunned down brutally last month.

The Nintendo DS is still Sara de Souza‘s most favorite gaming console.

We thoroughly enjoy Wendy‘s ability to convey humor through extremely simple ink strokes.

Murfiqah Matarip gives an entirely unique spin to Trash Dove.

Apis calls this the Flotilla Mart. “99 Floatmart, where people buy topup and maggi cup when they’re fishing,” he says.

Created using acrylic and oil paint, Sivabalan Arumugam is another artist who loves eggs.

Ahmad Azri is offering free service to create digital images based on your photos. Email if you’re interested!

But ofcourse, there are more awesome artworks which were created in February 2017! Think we’ve missed a few or would love to submit an artwork for the month of February? Drop us an email to or simply comment below!