POETRY | My Goddess by Dervin Frank

More i want you i don’t just want you i want you i don’t think you understand i want you as much as the world needs calm i want you as much as heaven lacks harm as the feet long for one more mile as the chest hurts for one more breath as envy tastes oh so vile as to abandon you would mean my death i want you for pleasure and for pain i want you like chocolates and cocaine an obsession this is not an addict i am not but to you i am drawn without choice,...

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ESEI | Kaki Wayang Bahagian 2 oleh M. Mahendran

More Sepertimana menonton filem bersama keluarga berterusan, begitu juga menonton filem secara bersendirian juga berterusan. Ada yang dengan pengetahuan ibu bapa dan ada juga tanpa pengetahuan mereka. Kebanyakan filem-filem yang ditonton berseorangan adalah filem-filem Melayu, Inggeris dan Hong Kong. Menonton filem secara bersendirian sudah bermula sejak umur saya yang ke 11 (1979). Filem pertama yang ditonton ketika itu, jika tidak silap adalah filem Esok Masih Ada. Filem yang dilakun dan diarah oleh Allahyarham Jins Shamsudin. Beliau yang dikenali sebagai James Bond Malaysia pada hujung tahun 60an memang seorang pelakun yang kacak lagi handal. Memang bagus filem itu. Kisah seorang...

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How To Review An Art Exhibition In A Fun And Insightful Way?

More How do you review artworks in a gallery? What goes through your mind when you’re observing an art piece? How do you even observe the artworks displayed? How do you then translate what you’ve experienced visually onto paper? For the common man, reading a review on an art exhibition is like reading the business section in the newspapers. They’re complex, academic, riddled with jargons, and worse — boring! In short, they’re non-inclusive. So when we recently stumbled upon Malaysia’s father of animation, Hassan Muthalib’s humorous but in-depth review of filmmaker, photographer and visual artist Sherman Ong’s exhibition, Cock Head &...

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Every One Of These Instagrammable Sculptures Have A Story To Tell

More Isn’t it mesmerizing to look at? The sculpture above is one of the 100 beautiful displays by artists from Australia and across the world currently exhibited in the open along Australia’s Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach. Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2019, is the world’s largest annual free-to-the-public outdoor sculpture exhibition. Since 1997, the creative sculptures have been attracting half a million people. What’s amazing is that each one of these amazing sculptures have an interesting back story. We picked 10 sculptures that might pique your curiosity. 1. David Cerny’s Pink Tank. This is a Monument to Soviet tank,...

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SAJAK | Pap Smear oleh Navanitha Nairu

More Ujian saringan khas buat wanita setahun sekali. Ujian pap smear usah malu melakukan membantu diri elak penyesalan tidak berbahagi pembunuh utama kaum wanita kanser servik yang ditakuti sebelum kanser mula menapak merebak dan maut menyapa. Ujian pap smear saringan awal lindungi diri daripada kanser servik untuk insan yang menyayangi dan disayangi penyakit tidak kenal mangsa usah meletakkan diri di ambang maut. *** Gambar ehsan Paweł Czerwiński di Unsplash Ingin siarkan cerpen, puisi atau esei anda bersama kami? Hantarkan saja kepada editors@eksentrika.com. Baca yang ini pula. SAJAK | Arah oleh Ramakrishnan Ramasamy Ini adalah bacaan yang menyeronokkan. Saya mahu lebih banyak kandungan seperti...

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CERPEN | Ketam Mengajar Anak Berjalan Lurus! oleh Murali Mohan

More “Mayiru …” Itulah satu-satunya perkataan yang terkeluar dari mulut Kavin setelah botol susunya dibuang ke dinding rumah. Bengis muka Kavin. Bengis daripada  ibu yang baru memerahkan pipinya yang lembut itu. Begitu marah Kavin dengan perbuatan ibunya tadi. Salahkah dia mengambil telefon pintar ibu dan membuka  youtube? Dia seronok menghiburkan matanya dengan filem tamil berjudul “Vada Chennai,” tetiba ibunya ke ruang tamu dan memulakan aksinya. Lantas ibu membangunkan Kavin daripada duduk, tanpa menyoal apa-apa, dia menghadiahkan satu tamparan ke pipi. Mata dan pipi Kavin merah-kemerahan. Tanpa menyedari dia  memulakan aksinya sendiri. Lekas dia membuang botol susunya yang sedang diminum...

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10 Brilliant Minds To Selfie With At The George Town Literary Festival 2019

More Do you think Malaysia needs more rebel rousing free spirits to take lead of the nation’s thoughts? Whether you say yay or nay, we recommend you plan a visit to the historical city of George Town in Penang for the George Town Literary Festival (GTLF) 2019. The four-day fest held between 21 -24 November, 2019, is themed “forewords/afterwords” and set to feature some of Asia’s most provocative literary champions, ranging from fearless poets to crusaders of journalistic integrity and bastions of cultural preservation. Apart from the regular selfies with people who have their own Wikipedia-listing, you just might...

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POETRY | The Reunion by Juliana Heng

More Editor’s Note: This poem was first performed by Malaysian stand-up comedian and poet, Juliana Heng at the International University of Malaya-Wales Slam Off on October 16, 2019. It was extremely moving that we decided to obtain Juliana’s permission to share it with you here. Enjoy! The reunion dinner on the eve of Chinese New Year is a cherished tradition of every Chinese family. It could be a huge gathering of a few generations under one roof, or just an intimate get-together with a few immediate family members. I used to have a reunion dinner every year, with my family...

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SHORT STORY | With You (A Thousand Blessings) by Maula

More “Within a thousand blessings, soon enough, a thousand tears are shed; and we are left to either regret or be grateful of what we had. This is a story of a young man who saves a crane, and what his kindness came to be.“ In cold, cold winter, no life was around. No traces of voices to be heard, no traces of joy to be found. In cold, cold winter, people struggled. Days were frigid enough to cause one’s muscles to tense as nights howled with raging winds and heavy snow; loud enough to wake one from sleep. In...

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Here Are The Ads That Perfectly Captured The Spirit Of Deepavali

More Deepavali is coming soon, signaling a time to look out for heartwarming festive ads in Malaysia. It’s a unique national pastime, which almost qualifies as a tradition on its own; where every Malaysian seeks out the brand advertisements that evoke the most feels. Petronas ads have become synonymous with that special feeling and many like to attribute it to the late Yasmin Ahmad, who was known for the style of her quirky yet charming way of story-telling. These days, most of the big brands, from TNB to Touch N Go, have taken advantage of this Malaysian interest in ads...

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POETRY | Ghazal: Of Mangoes and Sunbirds by Christine Chu

More Children used to play pirates by the tree hunting sweet, golden treasures from the tree. In the heart of Eden, they willed to be like God and ate of the forbidden tree. With a worm in its beak for a hungry chick, a sunbird circles a silent tree. “Behave,” Grandpa would tell us, “or I’ll tie you up and hang you from the mango tree.” This year, Mummy leaves a gift—there used to be three, then two—under the Christmas tree. An empty nest hangs and quivers from a breaking branch as they chop down an old tree. “Behold,...

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SHORT STORY | The Walk With A Lover by CA Yin

More She stepped into the dark with a smile. The smell of jasmine lured her further into the park. Her footsteps were steady as she walked barefoot on the grass. As a child, she had never been afraid of the dark. In fact, she had enjoyed its embrace as twilight darkened the skies and nightfall beckoned her. The dark was so much kinder to her than the taunts of children at school, than the scolding of teachers when homework was left undone, than the anger of adults who were supposed to care for her. Now, herself an adult, she...

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