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Short Story | The Tapping Toes by CA Yin

She could hear the tapping toes every day. Sometimes, she could see them; tiny toes encased in little peach booties; slender toes in pink ballet shoes; toes encased in clunky hiking boots. In her dreams, they were her toes tapping in time to music or running on the soft sand of a beach. In these moments, she felt strong and alive. She felt she could overcome any obstacle and any burden. Challenges were nothing to her then. Joy and happiness surged through her body and carried her through. Today, she hears the tapping toes in the keyboard her fingers...

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SHORT STORY | Jathagam by Reshma Clare Stanislaus

“Let me calculate it for you. I have an app for that.” She whipped out her phone immediately. “That’s okay. We don’t really follow those things…”, is what I said, letting the conversation trail off, not before I noticed the slight frown of annoyance on her face. The expression she usually gets when her plans are frustrated and things don’t go her way. What I wanted to say was, “Hell, NO. Why don’t you get a life, instead of being such a bossy busybody, always telling everybody else what to do and how to do it!” Oh, if only...

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SHORT STORY | My Father by Lo Sin Yee

Papa used to be a moody, churlish person. He could not get over the pain of his bankruptcy in the late ’70s. Many of our friends and relatives treated him with scorn and contempt. To support our family, he learned how to make steamed Chinese buns and sold them at the night market. Whenever he returned home with a beaming face, I knew that his buns had sold well. If he returned home sombre-faced, my mother would warn my siblings and me not to make him angry. We would watch in silence as he morosely threw all the unsold...

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SHORT STORY | With You (A Thousand Blessings) by Maula

“Within a thousand blessings, soon enough, a thousand tears are shed; and we are left to either regret or be grateful of what we had. This is a story of a young man who saves a crane, and what his kindness came to be.“ In cold, cold winter, no life was around. No traces of voices to be heard, no traces of joy to be found. In cold, cold winter, people struggled. Days were frigid enough to cause one’s muscles to tense as nights howled with raging winds and heavy snow; loud enough to wake one from sleep. In cold,...

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SHORT STORY | The Walk With A Lover by CA Yin

She stepped into the dark with a smile. The smell of jasmine lured her further into the park. Her footsteps were steady as she walked barefoot on the grass. As a child, she had never been afraid of the dark. In fact, she had enjoyed its embrace as twilight darkened the skies and nightfall beckoned her. The dark was so much kinder to her than the taunts of children at school, than the scolding of teachers when homework was left undone, than the anger of adults who were supposed to care for her. Now, herself an adult, she felt...

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