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SHORT STORY | Sweet Revenge by Jayati Roy

You said that your baby died because of a snake. Yes, I did. Was it because of a snake bite? No! I don’t understand. How could this have been so? He died because of a snake in the house. A snake in the house! Oh, my goodness! Where was it hiding? In a rolled mat under the bed. How did you find out? When I found fresh snake skin in the house. Oh no! But I still don’t get it. Why did the baby die because of the snake? Because it brought bad luck? Bad luck? But how? By...

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SHORT STORY | Amma by Perevenia Shan

“Beb! Twenty-seven missed calls? Are you dead?” asked Filah. “If I am dead, I wouldn’t be talking to you right now,” said Priya. “You know, sometimes you are smart.” There was no reply from Priya. “Hey! What happened? You don’t sound you.” “She’s talking,” “Who’s talking?” “My mum… she’s talking.” “Are you serious?” “Yes,” replied Priya with a broken voice, “I need you.” “Well, how can I come past the polices and armies guarding our area? You know they are everywhere!” There was a silence again. “I will call you later again to check on you beb. In the...

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SHORT STORY | Just A Halloween Party Gone Wrong by CA Yin

The clouds parted and moonlight spilled onto the deserted road. The trees lining the road rustled in the wind, throwing shadows of branches into the pools of light. In the distance, a figure emerged. Close behind, two other figures followed the first. They ran together in the moonlight. Janie stopped and took off her high heels. Clutching them in one hand, she ran faster to catch up with the others. Siew Ching had hitched up her skirt and was already running in her stockinged feet. They ran until they reached a fork in the road. Nadia halted and they...

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SHORT STORY | Up On Spirits Mountain by Jayati Roy

The cold breeze swept past our faces, The gravel glistening, squeaking into our walking shoes, The peak, Just a short way ahead, Lay barren, Beckoning! A landscape without the collage of swaying branches and tall trees; the scent of a myriad flowers and raw mud slapping a sienna terrain: a silhouette haunting our minds – left behind, Hung over our heads like a shadow, As we trudged along.   The highest mountain in South East Asia we had scaled, The ropes tied to our waists held us together, One tribe we had become that day, Doggedly determined to reach...

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SHORT STORY | Two Of The Same Thing by Lo Sin Yee

The deafening ringing of the school bell reverberated at every corner.  Before it trailed off into silence, a cacophony of voices and laughter rose around a yellow cat.  He lazily raised his head as hundreds of feet pattered up and down the spiral staircase above him. A girl squatted down and stroked the cat’s head.  The cat let out a big yawn, showing his sharp teeth and tongue with utter nonchalance.  The girl chuckled and petted the cat’s cheek, just behind the whiskers, her own hair, parted at the centre, dangling from both sides of her slightly pimpled face. The cat closed his eyes,...

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