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The Hustling Artist: Ruby Subramaniam

She quit her job, went on a solo travel through Europe and South America and left imprints of her art along the way. This might sound like a mere daydream for most people but for Ruby Subramaniam, it is part of her reality. Now a year after trading a promising career in digital media marketing for a living off paintbrushes and canvas, the 26-year-old is making headway at becoming her own definition of “artist”.  Her many current projects include planning her first solo exhibition, writing a modern day memoir and introducing international art events to the local scene. She...

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Ink, ink and some paint and colour for October 2017

It’s November and we’re two months away in discovering which artist and his or her artwork gets crowned Eksentrika’s Art of the Year! Last October was the Inktober month and boy do we have some amazing ink works to show you. But ofcourse, many of the artists also used other mediums as well with some following Inktober’s daily prompts. So here they are, the best artworks we received and selected for October 2017. But ofcourse, Eksentrika’s Art of the Month will not be complete without revealing the art of the month. And after stiff competition, here’s Gerald Chong‘s “Sword”,...

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What does it take to be Art Battle Malaysia’s champion?

First timer Eidlan Lakhawlez is Art Battle Malaysia #3 winner! All images credit Raj Photography The winner for Art Battle Malaysia #3 is Eidlan Lakhawlez, a first time participant who took on the big guns and won! He faced stiff competition from fellow artists such as Arif Rafhan Othman, Ellie Yong, FayFay XIao Ting, Jerome Liew Chai, Karthine Maniam, Komeil Zarin, Mariyam Shany, Riharu Harun, Shaq Koyok, Elly Nor Suria and Gerald Ong. What was his secret? Is it beginners luck or full on strategy savvy to win the recently held Art Battle Malaysia? Afterall, Eidlan’s win marks the second time a first timer has championed Art Battle Malaysia, since...

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5 reasons to go for Art Battle Malaysia #3

It looks like a full on art-attack this month as Art Battle Malaysia #3 rolls around the corner this October 14, coinciding with the glorious month of Inktober. The daily drawing challenge started by American illustrator, Jake Parker is now a global exercise in inspiration and if you can handle a wee bit more than that, you should check out Art Battle Malaysia, started by our very own Malaysian artist, Ruby Subramaniam. Before bringing this fun-tastic speed drawing competition to home soil, Ruby was herself a participant in Art Battle Brazil back in 2016. She was a solo-travelling wanderer...

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These are the artworks which made March 2017 marvelous!

Art of the Month for March 2017 by Anna Sabrina. This was Anna’s winning piece at Art Battle Malaysia #2 Ladies and gentlemen, Art Battle Malaysia #2 winner Anna Sabrina’s artwork is Eksentrika’s Art of the Month for March 2017! March is special because instead of us selecting the best artworks of the month, we got our readers to vote on Eksentrika’s Instagram and Facebook this time. Some of these artworks were submitted to us and many were selected by us with permission from the Doodle Malaysia – Do you doodle? Facebook group. They were all good and I’m pretty sure our readers had a tough...

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