“Music – Crazy Fingers – Piano Keyboard” by sueduda, 2007

Tunes to observe that are uniquely diverse,
From ringing bells to soprano singing bellas,
Even the chirping birds form charming chorals awakening dawn hours,
Beat boxing boys strike a chord as rhythmic young fellas,
Vibrating vocals repeating verse after verse,
Pulsating voices from baritone to tenor welcoming dusk happy hours.

Sounds and being align as an ensemble,
Melodic melisma that moves us to tremble,
Swaying trees and hustling leaves vibe in symphony,
Rushing waves wooing in homophony,
Strutting horses holding tempo in cacophony,
Dancing dolphins dazzling in polyphony,
Emoting elephants trumpeting its glory in harmony,
Amalgam of worldly music all in a journey.

Notations and emotions smoothly blend together,
Major and minor octaves that string moments forever,
Human and animals, flowers and nature,
In perfect unison,a concert composition for sure.

Ecstasy expressed in sharp notes,
Melancholy mediated by flat notes,
Classical melody classic in its embrace,
Rhythm and blues sing amazing grace,
Rock strengthens rocky days,
Jazz romances with its ways,
Styles vary yet versatile and dynamic,
Sounds that origin from Big Bang in the divine cosmic,
Vibrates and reverberates in the air as magic of music.

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A bibliophile and musicophile who works in the IT world and embraces life with optimism. I am also an amateur writer, creative arts and nature lover, passionate singer and pathetic cook all rolled into one. I adore the artistic minds of Mitch Albom, Jodi Piccoult, Nicholas Sparks, Enid Blyton, Paolo Coelho and many more. Elevated beings who touched my soul through their words are Subramania Bharati, Mirabai, Tulsidas, Kabir, Rabindranath Tagore, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Maya Angelou, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and the lists goes on. On a rainy day, I indulge in homemade tom yam soup and embark on an exhilarating marathon of reading the books from my home library. A simple quote I live by : Love All Serve All.

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