The Lady And The Boy by Ayan Ghoshal

I was never yours ’til the mid of spring,

Your love for English & French literature, while

Dylan Thomas taught me ‘Don’t Go Gentle into the Good Night’.


The tattoos on the nape of your bare neck,

your sweat-dripping torso and porcelain shoulder blade,

they’re just too beautiful beyond compulsion.


The man in you preaches respect, while your inner child

craves for wanderlust. Your name is the new password

unlocking my pride, stripping away my agony.


Time is no more the enemy that set to pull us apart,

Our eyes love playing truth or dare, hide & seek; hours unslept,

sorting each other physically. I love you from every stroke & back.


When night comes, we were drenched in the jungle of rhythm,

singing T-R-O-U-B-L-E upside down. And into the sea

of disoriented sheets, we kiss urgently – deeper and harder.


Deborah Wong‘s poems have been published in numerous journals and magazines. She reads poetry submissions at Eastlit and writes literary related articles at Thiscene. Her latest article was featured in Thought Catalog and has two short stories to be published in The Stray Branch Spring/Summer 2018 issue. She’s still contemplating whether to put on fake eyelashes for her next blind date. Instagram & Tweet her at @PetiteDeborah.

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