Remember Munif Malek? You know, the architect who came up with his own Pokemon evolutionary lines. Now he has opened his creative doors for others to get themselves evolved too!

 For a mere RM30, Munif will design the characters based on an image of you and a description you provide.

“All you got to do is send me your personality trait, your favorite color and other descriptions of your choice,” he tells me.

Best part, if you’re willing to fork out an additional RM 55, Munif will also see that these cool evolutionary designs get printed onto a t-shirt! He is calling the t-shirts, “Evolutees”.

Hajer turns into the electrifying Hajolnir! Image credit: Munif Malek

Yes, he even decides what type of Pokemon you are based on your description and character design!

The payment includes postage. It’s quite a bargain because Munif’s artworks are awesome. See this one below!

He even created a Pokemon evolution after me!

SUKHBRAIN > SUKHBIR > SUKHBEAST. I’m a dual type Fighting/Psychic Pokemon!


Munif says since he is a practising architect, he has been trained to construct and reconstruct forms into something functional and visually pleasing.

“To create the evolution of people, I need only to apply the same principle.

“All I need is data from the subjects, information that defines them in order for me to translate their characteristics into an evolution strand,” he explains.

Ofcourse, he starts off with a few drafts and samples, mostly with pencil. Once he has decided with a design, he inks them and colors them on Adobe Photoshop.

The end product, Munif adds, is a visualisation of the design process itself.

Get in touch with Munif to get your own quirky Pokemon evolution via Instagram and Facebook! Have a similar quirky art project to share? Drop us a comment below or send us an email to