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the presence of men of letters

from the world over…what’s the purpose?
esteemed men of letters
the cultured among the cultured
the poets among the poets
in the realm of the verses
cascading from the hearts
the minds and the good deeds
with hopes so desired

hoping for a world that understands
the trials and tribulations of some people
of misfortune and pain
breathing in despair…living in sorrow
some have lived years of sadness
some lived in obscene richness

the fall of civilization
starts from the top leaders
with full intent…creating the homeless
allowing the living dead
planning death of humanity
all in the name of power that intoxicates
while beating the chest.. I own this world!

the pattern of discrimination
providing stale food
while enjoying themselves
at the peak of autocracy
assembling wealth for cronies
and more for themselves

invading at will
forgetting oneself… turning paranoia
a sinister smile…shaking hands with dubious intent
challenging dichotomy…questioning God
playing God !
for them, God has disappeared

to all men of letters and artists
assembled here
we give to the commoners
as much smile to them…

*** Poem was translated by Johan Jaaffar

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